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  1. ShadyOne

    FIFA 18

    After a few games, long shots seem overpowered. But overall it feels less automatic/rigged than FIFA17 which is a good start.
  2. It's all in the timing my friend, the ball was out of play. Nothing beats Skemar's red card challenge in the box that the ref had no interest in giving
  3. Man like Top Troll. Good to hear you haven't changed your ways. I copped MW on my PS4 that's been catching dust since February, hence the add. I'll still be banging out FIFA on the XB1
  4. Went to see this tonight and as enjoyable as it was, it was definitely a disappointment for a Louis Theroux docu/film. Didn't really provide as much of an insight as I was expecting. Louis troll tek though >> Unrivalled.
  5. GG tonight lads. Nothing but clean games (bar that one match Ego got two players sent off in the first 10 minutes )
  6. They had @LS playing RCB in a back 3. Pain.
  7. Loooooool DBUK, that freekick of yours was DUSTY! Through balls are a waste of time in 98% of scenarios GGs lads
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