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  1. Morata can never be a #1 striker for a top club. Needs to be a #2. Morata, Lukaku and Laca are all probably the same level though. That's what 60-90 mil gets you these days
  2. Winter Transfer Window

    Cenk is horrible
  3. Winter Transfer Window

    Liverpool don't have that kind of money do they? They have to balance the books. Coutinho is gone next summer?
  4. Best St in the world? Not sure if there's anyone i would swap him for
  5. loses 10-15 mil in value every time he plays
  6. Madrid look finished this season. Will break the bank next summer
  7. Migos YRN

    Stir Fry >
  8. Stranger Things

    I think season 3 we'll find out there's more kids alive like 11 & 8 and they will eventually team up to take out that big monster (With most of the kids dying etc) Which i hope doesn't happen
  9. 2017 Champions League & Europa League Draw

    That's a good draw for us. Most of our players will be back as well.
  10. Lukaku could never play at a top club
  11. This comes on the same show/podcast where they were talking about this stuff a couple of weeks ago. Probably should have just edited it out.
  12. Call of Duty WW2

    Tell Fitz i miss him
  13. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    You'll notice all the comparisons of the two shows if you watch it b2b. Especially as half the cast of Hxh is based off Yuyu Togashi is back in January as well. HxH will resume