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  1. We ain't signing anyone till we fail to beat Newcastle and then hold that L against Chelsea Then 45 mil bid for injured Barkley
  2. Deffo would be killing festivals and would have made a comfortable living. Gype Riddim >> Surprised no one has used it in the current music especially with the influx of flute influence type beats.
  3. Only team that still yet to sign someone Made over 70 mil in sales already. Guess we are sitting on that cash till deadline day and £40 mil for Barkley
  4. Floyd screaming yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah x 4 press conferences Floyd should win this with ease but then Conor said his mystic mac prediction and i have to put money on him knocking him out. Conor talks so much smack but somehow always comes through. Only time he's failed is when he had to go up in weight class against a 6ft Diaz. Can see it going 12 rounds with May winning in points/May just outclasses him with ease/ Conor knocks him to the ground For some reason i can see Conor getting frustrated and throwing a kick
  5. Make sure you guys go Japan if you're a fan of anime One Piece World Attack on Titan tower Attack on titan rides Gundam Cafes Dragonball Z everywhere. Easily the biggest Anime in Japan still. Coming back from Japan i've realised i'm not a proper fan but just a J world fan.
  6. Most expensive defender in the world
  7. Over 50 mil is crazy tbf
  8. If Jose fails to win Europa, does he go? 750 mil since Fergie gone and the team is nothing but a long ball team, so poor. Saying that, 2 cups will mean they have the best season out of all the English clubs after Chelsea
  9. Harry is on 21 goals Alli on 17 goals Guy is clueless pmsl. Thought Arsenal would win the league as well. Enjoy Thursday nights @TF S4DK Sanchez is deffo going, trash team.
  10. Herrera thought he was playing Fifa / Williams is so shit
  11. I've got everything booked already! Staying in the main centre for under 1k. Just wanted to know if Kyoto and other places like Osaka was worth the extra money baring in mind it's my first time in Tokyo and there's loads of things to do there.
  12. Anyone been to Japan? Going there for a while to see some anime characters Staying in Tokyo as my boy is there but everyones telling me to go other places but it's like 2/3 bills for a train ticket
  13. City are actually decent at playing against 3 at the back. Part of me think Wenger ain't got a clue and only went 3 at the back cause he saw other teams Didn't even play well, could have easily lost to dead 'boro
  14. In full control of the game and we just give them free goals for fun.