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  1. That hat trick goal was them ones where you just shout fuck off Keeper didn't move. Need to take him off Our players all look on form for the NLD
  2. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I think it started from some article where someone said something white Djs taking advantage of black music (I can't remember the exact point) Article was getting loads of c/s from that person followers (mainly women) Logan comes out and said Grime is a culture, doesn't matter about race, made examples of white people that helped the scene grow etc Obviously he said it's predominantly black but no need to take it there. Alot of white DJ's and MC's backed him. 'black' twitter went nuts and attacked him for a few days non stop. Bare in mind, none of these people listen to grime and didn't even know the people Logan was bringing up for his argument. Remember someone was taking the piss about Logan getting attacked by all these women and he replied with the black militant women comment. Logan makes a post about wanting Mondays back (Like Kiss FM) nothing to do with taking that other guys slot. Guy went angry. Lot of MC's backing Logan again. AJ Tracey said it's now cost alot of Black up and coming Grime MC's money as Logan is the only guy that brings them on his show. There are all types of twitter. Black, White, Football, Scottish (probably the worst) Obviously in this day and age, you say something 5/6 years ago, it'll come back to bite you, no matter the context
  3. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    It's when they were crying that Logan was taking advantage of black culture promoting grime for his own benefits These times, they had no interest in Grime before Skepta Stormzy the Drake c/s etc Same people attacking him were the ones signing his lyrics on Drake One Dance pmsl Twitter is literally the worst
  4. Wasn't never really going to do anything without Kane That was a terrible goal to concede though, such a basic goal.
  5. Think we'll just play 3-5-2 Winks with Eriksen and Sissoko as runners Dele off Son
  6. Poch to park the bus instead
  7. Was always going to happen from time Madrid were getting cut open, what chance did Pool have? Lindlelof is going to get that work next week, worst signing this summer
  8. Lingard being your main playmaker pmsl
  9. Lukaku outside of the box is just shit don't care if he bags
  10. Conte struggling playing twice a week it seems. Always complaining about injuries
  11. Not if it's your brand and hundreds of people are asking on Social Media. Just said what his thoughts are, and moved on. Now he's back tweeting normally. Skepta on the other hand is supposedly blocking people
  12. Winks >> Baller, going to be a big player if he continues to progress like this. Guy was literally on his own whilst the whole team was relying on him.
  13. Should have won that with 5 players missing against a pretty much first 11 CL champions. PL era is back tbf Sevilla taking big Ls Madrid struggling At Madrid getting done by Chelsea
  14. Kane ain't got time for Varane and Ramos tbf Just free role so he can take pot shots for 90 mins Dier and winks CM against Kross & Isco 4 at the back