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  1. FIFA 18

    40 yard Finesse shots, Dead game
  2. Dortmund deserved that for having a Turk and a Greek as their CBs, Full Chaos I've never seen Harry have that much space in a goal pmsl Toljan is solid though, we should have got him and shipped Trippier Dahoud is such a baller, first player i've seen humble Dembele for a long time
  3. Everton are trash Spent 100 mil on the same player, Sigs 50 mil pmsl Wazza on 200k a week We should be 7/8- 0 EASILY
  4. Eriksen 2-0 Everton spent how much this summer? Sissoko bossing midfield ffs
  5. Kane Fakest goal Just whips it in
  6. Fuck De Bruyne p*ssy Did nothing for 3 games playing in front of the CBs
  7. FIFA 18

    Once your heads gone, no point playing FIFA Makes me rage like no other game, 2 pads gone on FIFA 17
  8. FIFA 18

    Yeah, i'll jump on clubs the GOAT We'll probably can do 2 vip teams vs each other as well.
  9. Youtube reaction videos [uk music vids]

    Tbf, it was relatively before him and B lou were on this level. It was a good move Zias is moving like some plant blew so quick
  10. Youtube reaction videos [uk music vids]

    Zias is backed by GRM Daily. They get paid to watch their videos Reaction vids are the biggest way to blow up easily Especially Americans that react to UK music