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  1. Madrid have been humbled too many times this season, Don't think they were even good. Got outplayed in the first leg but this manager is out of his depth when it comes to these bigs games. PSG are poor in so many areas Their midfield is actually trash back line awful Smash the likes of dijon every week but Ligue 1 is one of the most corrupt leagues i've seen. Remember one of Neymar's first games, this defender takes the ball and smashes it in his own net. Trying to stop a counter against PSG? Not to worry, the ref will block of the player and kick him whilst sending him off, give another free kick to Neymar and co.
  2. Bellerin said they hated Sanchez 'cause he wanted to win all the time and it got too much ffs
  3. Auba went from free flowing football against a bunch of trash teams in Germany Now he's playing the Shane Long role, playing down the channels and trying to eat of scraps He looks STRESSED They way Wenger was drinking that water after the 2nd goal >>
  4. He HATES Dembele like Ice does with De Gea But Dembele looked finished this season, was pretty poor the whole season then suddenly the Utd game came around and he's dominated nearly every game since. Glad he's started playing now 'cause on form, he's a monster
  5. Should have been 5/6-0 in the end. We nearly blew it but i don't think anyone can complain that we won
  6. Marvel officially dead as of today/last night. Not surprised but it's only cause Capcom didn't pay their way to be on EVO, it still gets better numbers than most of those games. Didn't realise you were interested in the scene Miz, Saw your post on FB you should reach some events! DBFZ is fun but i hate it at the same time 'cause i don't know why anything happens, and no one has explained anything (No one knows tbf)
  7. 75 mil well spent Out of the FA Cup, Loss at Swansea, gets dropped for Huddlesfield, now cost you 2 points
  8. How can you say he never kicked him? On the videos it appears that he's pulling out, but in reality he kicked him. Check the other angle, clear contact. That still shows that he touches him
  9. Sanchez looks more frustrated in that Utd team than at Arsenal ffs Lukaku up there with worst signing of season, set Utd back unless they buy another striker this summer
  10. Morata can never be a #1 striker for a top club. Needs to be a #2. Morata, Lukaku and Laca are all probably the same level though. That's what 60-90 mil gets you these days
  11. Liverpool don't have that kind of money do they? They have to balance the books. Coutinho is gone next summer?
  12. Best St in the world? Not sure if there's anyone i would swap him for
  13. Madrid look finished this season. Will break the bank next summer
  14. LS

    Stranger Things

    I think season 3 we'll find out there's more kids alive like 11 & 8 and they will eventually team up to take out that big monster (With most of the kids dying etc) Which i hope doesn't happen
  15. That's a good draw for us. Most of our players will be back as well.
  16. Lukaku could never play at a top club
  17. This comes on the same show/podcast where they were talking about this stuff a couple of weeks ago. Probably should have just edited it out.
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