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  1. Uncle Man


    i dont know i havent watched it. most post 9/11 US films and sports are though, so i feel comfortable making the assumption
  2. Uncle Man


    never watched any harry potter, brokeback mountain, fifty shades, love island or this invincible avengers superhero us military recruitment films for adult 5 yr olds. instead i watched the first 30 mins of godfather about 30 times. my loss
  3. Uncle Man


    reek drops more like a latent homosexual than a cold blooded motherfucker imo. In fact id be surprised if him and his old man dont turn out to be pride attending techno queers having stopped watching the show and just betting on the intangibles, which lets be fair is a game of opinions. which, at the end of the day are just an amalgamation of onions and opioids. imo
  4. Uncle Man

    The Video Thread part 2

    You may want to check out literally anything. this did not age well by about halfway through the song
  5. Uncle Man

    What's the plan for preserving VIP2?

    Was Foz tee a Scottish dj. That would make u Skola or aza T. No English will look back on grime and think of obscure scotch dj rips.This is a great waste of a perfectly good bottle of red wine for me btw. Well done
  6. Uncle Man

    They did it again: Jamie Oliver's Jerk Rice

    That's got nothing to do with it, food is a globally transferable substance and always had been, ex slave or not, people can be upset they had not created their own franchise but really they need to accept they just got high instead. It's a choice each individual makes
  7. Uncle Man

    What's the plan for preserving VIP2?

    I group you into the John doe/ imhim/ tranny scenes/freshy/ex church/post grime conglomerate, as a username, just cognitive association, I accept that I may be wrong but it doesn't really fit my narrative
  8. 9 times out of ten that jubez guy is one of the 3 baby daddies vying for that fugazi supremacy Weakbone flexmode motherfuckers
  9. Not in any way They are all equal dust unless they raise their children The one that does will be the king If none of them does we will all die by the dust
  10. Uncle Man

    What's the plan for preserving VIP2?

    Forum was always on it's way out when you guy(s) turned up Newcomers should be welcomed, but yo u guys almost got mr poopy butthole killed back there
  11. Uncle Man

    What's the plan for preserving VIP2?

    I like it and admire it's tenacity, it's a piece of shit now relatively but at least we know at one stage it was a popcorn institution. May not be a piece of history to many, but to the some. Although No one managed to turn it into some great institution, I'm sure many graduated from vip2 to have their individual success in fields such as success, parenthood, black twitter etc. As was naturally going to happen. Guys cry about the lack of females but Let's face it, there used to be a great ensemble cast of about 100 'faceless' characters such as myself and all the other witty maverick geniuses or interesting content providers which naturally dwindled to leave the 'were just such existing people cos we text each other brigade?' It's a skeleton crew now and fair play troopers keeping it going but in the glory days I can't even name names there were too many great posters and we had a laugh with it, without worrying about the fascism of blue tick authentication that most remnoids now obsess over for relentless self gratification For those interested i have been working on Vip2 the Motion picture and have got as far as the working title concept which in itself is a copyrighted pitchable concept so if you real people can collaborate and get something done in the absence of any entertaining postings then just go ahead and cut me 10 of the gross, but the alternative is as has been mentioned just remember the good times and if that's not enough then take a role in causing future good times. Up to you. But also it was a different time, 2000s it was a different era, the rise of grime, rise of internet, we were on the come up and on the grind. difficult to recreate that specific energy but so often when we ask what went wrong the answer can come from within. Flowers grow from where previously only dust was situated. Be the change you want to see, don't pray to ghosts to do your homework, you will be left floundering in a sea of excuses
  12. Uncle Man

    Death penalty - Yay or Nay?

    Failure to oppose death penalty makes you a bunch of savages as a society 21 to be specific
  13. Didn't king Solomon do a bit about this?
  14. Uncle Man

    Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Loved annihilation. Looked great. Felt great. Quiet place was ok I feel like all these monsters are the same in all these films, have they made these and they're just advertising them gradually before they drop? I feel as if I enjoyed Valerian a lot more than any star wars movie, but I may well be wrong for that
  15. Uncle Man

    They did it again: Jamie Oliver's Jerk Rice

    Yeah I saw this Jamie guy do a stir fried once, switched the tv straight off from where he's not even a fucking nip