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  1. Most pussiless as in has the biggest d*ck Right?
  2. It is pretty much a copy and paste job. Being non white is not a deviancy or disability though. My man Powell was making the right kind of speeches, but about the wrong kind of people maybe. Society may condition you to fly the gay/feminist flag as a POC but there's no scientific or logical reason to do so. These groups appear together in the white mans supermarket aisle but that's not how they occur in the field. Melanin is not a disability! being gay or female kind of is. The suffragettes were not trying to kill themselves they were trying to pin a ribbon on racehorses travelling 30 mph. They got the vote for being really stupid! The patriarchal family system of man, wife and children is the time honoured A1 system of human reproduction. Deviance from the system (ie homosexuality :ergo no children) is acceptable, but not aspirational. Homosexuals 'having' children made to order is a cake and eat it situation. Its a corruption of natural order but who knows ?maybe the kid will be fine with those rich caring parents. Let's ask him/ her in 20 years if we,re still here. Also maybe the human population needs to gradually decrease now, widespread homosexuality could be a good method of feathering that in. Maybe its all for the best
  3. Goverment controlling the weather

    I like blaming shit on the government like the next man but I'll go with the Russians on this one. Hope the shits not radioactive b!
  4. I don't think we should attack or castigate the death/disease causing deviants (scientifically proven terminology) but at the same time extremely dangerous to sacrifice our own normality and safety to make them feel extremely comfortable. They are by natural definition an abnormal anomaly and should not be pushed as a mainstream agenda. Accepted yes, but predominant ah hell nah. Put the poster in your gay porno websites or whatever, or tell yr boyfriend. I think if this poster is made by gay black men, they just want to make straight black men feel uncomfortable. Because that's what gets them hard ? I don't know.
  5. Totally agreed. The black man is in prison. White girl shotting crotch in the park. A realistic,identifiable narrative.The 'advertising' mixrace couple picks up the pieces and gets a mortgage. maybe watches Life of Pi on the wknd. Black mirror without the technological horrorcore subtext. Yet. The space before the yet, is advertising space.
  6. Meanwhile in bath....

    Slavey to criticise the blacks in the scenario. Also, sad to see a subsect of society listed as ' aspiring pub man'. You had one job
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    Hero why, you sir, are a hyperfeminist. Basically a self castrating male. Celebrating the hijacking of racial equality for sexual equality. Basically a racist transvesitite spiritually. How highly do you certain guys think women will rate you drake ass kanye guys in this 20 year war? Not highly. You eat the puss as a pawn - that is where the eroticism of the situation arises from. As a pawn in a war youre too stupid and egotistical and terrified to realize. The subversion of the imprint. I can wish you no good fortune because you do not wish it upon yourselves. ATB though, I ain't bothered I only offer words of warning that moments later come true and are disregarded as the ravings of an otherwise on point lunatic.
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    When I want to haemorrhage profit playboy, that is what I will do
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    Has anyone heard from Lens lately Guy must be knackered They're probly asking for the chair
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    Life outside VIP is just called IRL bruh noone really calling it shadow world yet True u should confront the man/men that hurt/still hurt you instead of deflecting onto innocent bystanders like myselves and waiting for that bandwagon justice to materialise. Takes a little courage but u got this pb. U got the power Hope u can get the operation u need to feel happy or whatever with who you are, let me know if I can start a crowdfunding page for you.
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    Don't have to be a feminist to have sex with women. U have to, but one doesn't.
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    A man said I wrote was But within a week my eery premonition had become the new normal. Then he just says f all men like a revert hyperfeminist front line soldier might do if they existed. Which I guess they do. I just hope the how's in his feminist social anthropology group turf him out the friendzone and into the endzone next That kind of irony will be delicious with some mustard. I will have a hot dog Inside the popcorn on that occasion.The girl sat near to me will scream rape. But it will be worth it just to watch kuffir go down the river moments b4 me. Happy kristelnacht bitxhes *packs suitcase*
  13. Stranger Things

    Was that the street gang from police academy 2 back there for a hot second ? Well, that was awkward. Where was Zed? So glad when that was over. Who would thought eating some nougat would override the beckoning of the hive mind though Rest of show panned out though NGL, old tight man like Rudy Can't wait to hear that demagargan sub drop in the rave and see that dandruff float around in the place. Props if any1 did that this halloween on a shadowman ting
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    Do you know what ' false equivalence' is? Its a device used by sloppy journalists like yourself to boil down two completely separate and complex issues into a fit for all slogan you can iron onto a T-shirt and skate off into the sunset with. I did not say black lives don't matter as you suggest, ladies and gents. I believe police brutality and Hollywood sleaze to be unrelated topical issues that each require a degree of nuance to understand and solve. Indeed I do not see racial equality and sexual equality as the same issue, they are grouped together by various acts of parliament but by no means the same issue in terms of ultimate truth- God/ nature/ science/ logic whatever you wanna call it Life is a complex mechanism which goes all the way down to a molecular level, imagine if you were able to make your own mind up about a range of issues instead of just going along with the reductive status quo you prescription meds motherfucklet
  15. Harvey Weinstein

    A wider issue some of you may wish to consider from all this throwing buses at guys era is that the outraged women in question with their tales of total devastation have been propositioned countless times in similar circumstances but the outcomes of those occasions had been more amenable to them. Passionate. Romantic. Sexy. Like a movie maybe These had been the occasions when the man in question had been more attractive in the eyes of the women in question. This can be described as an intangible, as evidenced from the maxim 'eye of the beholder' it is difficult to assess correct form from a uniform standpoint going forward. women are saying is that if a man is unattractive to them (even 20 years after the fact) then ewww he's a rapist, but if not then its all fifty shades of gravy. Two men can use a same technique in the same circumstance with two wildly different outcomes. It is a lottery. The implication is that women only want to be propositioned by men they want to be propositioned by. Jailtime for the rest.Are we having a cake and eating it again ladies maybe? Now as a balding but still handsome executive I'm not worried AT ALL,but due to my altruistic disposition I'm concerned for some of you less fortunate executives out there. Could be a consent form ting for u man in the future, and thats just to get the digits.. Long. Don't come at me with that not in the workplace shit. we are talking about Hollywood where everything is made out of cocaine and people eat prostitutes for breakfast. I can't see this movement as anything but a self righteous hyperfeminist witchhunt. As if Hollywood hadn't become anodyne and self worshipping enough in the last 20 years. Jeesh Its the wider ramifications a few plays down the line which have caused me to raise an albeit long eyebrow at this juncture in the procession, and at this interval I'd like to take a moment to wish you all the best In the future. In closing I want to skress that I am anti rape and anti harassment, but I am pro equal opportunity. If you want handsome guys asking you to fuck you will have to put up with enquiries from these other executives I'm afraid. Life, to the best of my knowledge, is not a freaking fairytale.