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  1. Uncle Man

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    These men are all cucks. You can't really dress it up.
  2. Uncle Man


    Hey, fuck English cowards to death, good luck France and Croatia. Southgate blood diamond waistman waistcoat. Death by mediocrity again for england
  3. Uncle Man

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    So with regards to kane, whole thing kinda petered out huh That's good I mean. Great! I'm glad. All's well that ends well
  4. Uncle Man


    Unfinished shrug emoji
  5. Uncle Man


    It was a one season wonder Now a sprawling introspective robot thinkpiece with added flashbacks Taxi!
  6. Uncle Man

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Entirely unrelated to what's happened sounds more than a little flustered. I read it in a shrill voice. Im not going to pretend ive studied the 'case' with yr level of round the clock devotion, but Riddle me this though. Half yr posts spent on the vicarious worship of roadmen, the other half as a bay for blood sjw, that's quite the complex character. There's a disconnect in there which has some potential to unravel. If not an actual woman then possibly some kind of closet case. Not a send, just a guess. Live yr lives though playboy
  7. Uncle Man

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    I can't popcorn these crucifixions His downfall is her come up Would advise other men to go trans or go home I've already had some work done to regain a gender advantage even if it's just growing out my bosom Got to read the next play and stay ahead of the curve
  8. Uncle Man

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    If there was anything brilliant about Kanye he would have said it in one of his songs. That's what artists are supposed to do. He hasn't done that. he's trying to do it on twitter. Just an entitled bisexual chosen for riches and filling a void.this guy is just a Donald trump bot, nothing deep, just divisive. Pilled out lonesome and lost motherfucker with a false wife, the blind is out here to lead the blind. Feel sorry for people like John Legend who think he's a genius.Just feeding this insignificant ( in the grand scheme) motherfuck. Doesn't even make his own music anymore just one of many corporate brand names that robs upcoming artists creativity, why do you worship that? Because also lost?
  9. Uncle Man

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Sometimes slavery is a choice. Trump told this fruit that he's next up for president. '' you see it all starts with Twitter, Kanye.. '' Now there's a good boy
  10. Uncle Man

    Anyone willing to...

    Just read it. Liked it. Good job
  11. Uncle Man

    For those who question the struggle

    Black people need to drop the Satanism of islam, did u pussys notice that Islam exclusively uses the black male for terrorism in this country less than ten percent of its fan base but 100% of its active wing. Mohammed is satan. The false prophet that was promised. Don't follow white christ Christ is not white or black the point of Christ is it does not matter what the count looks like. Do not be swayed by the basic trick that 1600 Italian renaissance paintings of christ do not represent you. Pathetic , are u as gullible as Mohammed ali. Educate yourselves ffs
  12. Uncle Man

    For those who question the struggle

    No just overweight I basically lie on a bed and watch that Gilbert grape movie #fatgoals
  13. Hey mister, great news ! I'd just checked the balance on my account and the balance is in positive to the tune of 2,346 If you pay pal me this amount in GBP i will send you the keys to the account. regards Mister
  14. Uncle Man

    For those who question the struggle

    Racism is an institution. I mean it's built into the English language. Don't get a black mark or you will get whitewashed. It's predictable, therefore you should not be surprised and react emotionally. that is the predictable and easy victory for your opponent.You should have a game plan for a racism and you should be able to take it for a pick six, because the foundation of racism is not logical, therefore your response can be. that could be what it would be like to be woke. Martin Luther king did not say it would be easy. He said he had had a dream. If black people aren't fast tracking their children to be doctors and lawyers out chair then I'm not evensure what they are doing out chair tbh ? music and sports. I'm sure it's bemusing to asian. No one is going to give you equality or dignity but you can claim these items, if u go about it the right way, No one can actually stop you, that is the freedom Even whites have their struggle, with the males it's often how to overcome sexual insecurity, this can even manifest itself as a presidency. If you see a black child today, tell them to stay in school and don't do drugs. guide the next generation. It is actually up to you to sow the seeds of change, don't wait for the white man to do it, who does that? Change does not happen over night, you have to be constantly marching towards it. It's the same with everything. If I want a six pack abs i am going to have to personally do some crunches isn't it. It is useless to simply wish for a change
  15. Most pussiless as in has the biggest d*ck Right?