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  1. I'll be honest, I don't know shit about pc's no more. I fell off around the time i3, i5 and i7 came out. I need some info about the best desktops to get for say 1k, give or take 200 a piece that can edit full HD video comfortably in Adobe Premiere and/or After Effects. Also, I'm looking more for off the shelf as opposed to customs as the people who want them are also lookin to have manufactures warranty, proper receipts, blah blah etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't know shit but don't wana let down this youth project I'm associated with. Thanks in advance
  2. Spare the rod, spoil the child. I'm not talking about beating them black and blue for spilling a drink.... But same time, when that line is crossed and words are no longer effective then yes, smacking/ slapping will come into the equation.... f*ck having my kids making a scene in public or not listening or misbehaving and me yelling hot air at them.... The threat of pain gives ur words weight cos they know what will happen if they don't listen. f*ck this PC culture.. Every generation up until recent years got smacked and never did anyone any harm..... Now that they "took" this power away from parents, just look at the rapid decline in the youth of today.... I'm a youth worker and f*ck having my kids turn out like the nobheads I work with
  3. U should hate ur dad and lock him off, cos clearly he dropped u on ur head as a child.... Typical selfish mentality that is rife amongst the youth of today... Don't mind the fact that he's happy enough to marry this woman, let's focus on u and what u want... Even though, truth be told, him marrying her doesn't affect u at all.... Prick
  4. prdx

    Pregnancy Scares

    Yh it works for females but quite frankly that's not a risk I'm willing to take. Last I heard there was IVF for women and other fertility treatment. I don't hear bout nothing for men to produce the juice. f*ck been a jaffa for life as a side effect of a male pill
  5. prdx


    This. / However, love is subjective - or rather being in love is subjective. All the times we have been "in love" before, at those times we are absolutely sure that's what love is and that we could never love anybody else that way. But after it falls apart, we move on and find new people who we fall in love with. Just because we love somebody else more now (or while we deem ourselves to be more mature) or this current relationship is better than the last, does not invalidate previous loves regardless of reasoning. By this standard, should current relationships fail and the next one is "better" - that would mean you wouldn't be in love now despite what we feel now and love could only be measured if the relationship doesn't end. If you look at it like that, then I'm sure we've all been in love a fair few times. I believe true love is the kind you have for your family or children. The kind that cannot be fallen into or out of or broken by their actions/ lack of.
  6. prdx

    Pregnancy Scares

    How did he get the morning after pill? I only ask cos in m experience with pregnancy scares they (pharmacists) only ever give the female the morning after pill after a brief consultation
  7. FFS my account .... Had 2 months left on it.. f*ck sopa and pipa
  8. prdx

    Take Me Out

    Duno why jermaine was acting like that tho... Musta been gettin p cah he never used to be that guy
  9. If you don't see it going anywhere then don't lead her on cos its not just her life ur fucking up its the utes aswel esp if they get attached... Top and bottom line is the kid aint going anywhere so you have to accept that and if truly do, then give it a go - if not, leave her to find someone who will Edit: also the baby daddy is a huge factor... If he aint in the picture then fair nuff but if he's about then stay outta it cos u will never feel comfortable with that. Also the race of the kid is another factor for obvious reasons
  10. csSame time if all the ppl complaining weren't at home beatin their hood/bussin on their fingers all day, then like the majority of us they wouldn't have a clue who she is Laow trying to make her quit tho, at least she's reading to the kids.. I bet all of those trying to remove her aren't volunteering to be her replacement are they
  11. the dumb bitch shoulda known something was wrong when a man wanted to marry her when she looks like that... Come on, let's be serious for a minute
  12. I've banged a girl who wears a hearing aid. She took it off tho before we went to bed and was near deaf. I don't give a shit it was sick I felt no way to make up noise Anything else, I duno uno it is alot
  13. Overdue now. But try to keep it at least once every six months. I value my d*ck, not about losing function in any capacity due to negligence. Its not about been some jaffa who can't have kids
  14. So its safe to assume she'll be found in a dumpster within the week? Some disrespect
  15. prdx


    Nah I'm not an actor, I stay me the whole time. So far we get along (been about a month now) but if the time comes, they will get backed up. My own parents don't disrespect me so fuck taking it from someone else's
  16. Nooo, I've banged an ex while she was with her new partner tho
  17. two pints?(y) / @ d-structo's story, bit of a cringe off between u and everyone else u encountered until u got the word from the clinic and her period started yh......... Absolutely screwin
  18. Looks like somebody fell out the hormone tree and hit every tampon on the way down
  19. I been a mk guy from way bk, will watch at work when I reach
  20. prdx

    Live Profile

    Had the same problem, uninstalled it two days ago. And it's been fine since. The app is clearly the culprit. this cant speak for the other versions but the android version sucked my battery to the point I was only getting 4/5 hours on a full charge... since I can no longer participate I hope its not the next big thing and that it fails
  21. prdx

    Live Profile

    I was workin with pingchat before and this is a RADICAL improvement on that... fit for purpose, cant complain so far
  22. rip... end of days soon come its all getting too outta hand now
  23. will give it a go..... channel 5 is a sh*t channel with a big money contract.. I kno they're gonna try hard to establish themselves as a proper channel off the back of this
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