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  1. Life Hacks

  2. Drink Driving

    have to be smart tbh have a few & stop drinking early to give you some time get your head right if your fully wasted llow it not worth it
  3. PES2019

    fuck it im coppin fuck fifa
  4. Raheem Sterling

    need to do this celebration when he scores
  5. 2017/18 Hot Summer

    back story ?
  6. NBA 2017-2018

    Worked in miami Cp3 changed his game this Yr If they want rings they could work it
  7. NBA 2017-2018

    this he needs to stop carryin bums annoys me so much
  8. NBA 2017-2018

    Come like nba2k online
  9. NBA 2017-2018

    hes to much tbh no matter what team hes on = nba finals dont even care about rings man LBJ >>> MJ i just wish he had more of that kobe killa mentality
  10. Football League Play Offs 2018

    them UT goals there
  11. every team needs a ramos tbh
  12. NBA 2017-2018

    big win for the rockets way they got moved to in game 3 i was thinking its a wrap Celtics Rockets final would be mad different
  13. FA Cup Final Weekend 2018

    Jose out