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  1. Sky Sports & BT Sports

    Need to jus do what nba does
  2. The Walking Dead Thread

    upset they didnt make do the i need to clear rant
  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    they keep trying to do lil twisted & flash backs/fwds but r4eally man just wanna see the war
  4. Rating Chicks

    this thread makes me wish i was single
  5. FIFA 18

    It's a joke Not even finishing wk end league fuck this game
  6. FIFA 18

    It's better tbh hated cunts that would try use pause as a skill move
  7. Power

    Would of had more time if the got the 13 eps they wanted
  8. FIFA 18

    See I know I could get elite bare times I hit 25 wins with like 10 or 3 games left on a Sunday evening then I lose my cool hold a few L's n get triggered and jus call it a day
  9. FIFA 18

    What's you lots best fut champs Finnish? i could not do better then gold 1 I find it hard to keep playin at a high level for 40 games like that
  10. FIFA 18

    Yea you can / it's actually simple to do
  11. FIFA 18

    you sign in and register on a friends xbox as your home Xbox you friend does the same on yours then you sign in on your Xbox and play any digital games you friend has or buys will be active on your Xbox your games will show up on his so now 1 person can buy a game and it will be active on both so u can go halfs on games only thing is if you buy a game with dlc the dlc might only work for the person that bought the game
  12. FIFA 18

    Am I the only one that games shares? Basically get games for half price
  13. Neymar

    Lool Them guys that will buy your building just to evict you
  14. ABBA system

  15. Kim Kardashian