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  1. Marvel Super Heroes

    actually got goose bumps watching that
  2. NBA 2017-2018

    wow mugged it
  3. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    some have signed new deals thats basically how you can find out who dies tbh but saying that goin fwd marvel films will more then 1 character in films like how iron man was in spiderman & how civil war was mcu is basally going to be a super big budget big screen tv show phase 4 is due to have 22 films 1 film = an episode 1 phase = a season 4/5 films a yr
  4. Infinity Wars: Who Kills Thanos

    one of the newer ones will do it prob in a team effort way so dont think 1 person can say they did it original line up are going to get moved too
  5. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    tbh i think a few will but they will bring them back with the reality stone lol
  6. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

  7. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    most talk is cap but i recon there will be some twist hawkeye is my call tho ( lol aint even on your list )
  8. loool yea thats fucked i donno man im just thinking i could never do my mum like that would like to hear this side of the story tho my 1st thought when i hered this was she must of dont something really fucked from them to do her like that
  9. thats dead tho dont care what mums has done wrong man cant do her like that he should grow some balls & just bad her up if anything
  10. The Walking Dead Thread

    finding it hard to watch as i have less time & more shows im more in to to watch dont think i have watch a full ep this season
  11. DC Comics Thread (Feature Films)

    dc's prob is they tried to do too much too soon BvS should of been a batman film & just have a superman cross over to show how they met ect do another superman film then other JL members films then a JL film then do a BvS like part 1 showing a fall out ect then a part 2 showing the beef like they way they done it come like there was no plan they just saw marvel & said fuck it lets get a JL film out ASAP
  12. DC Comics Thread (Feature Films)

    what happens when you rush things JL came out about 4 movies too early imo
  13. STDs/STIs

    thats long plenty more woman out there long getting hit up with something you cant cure member i stopped chatting to a female friend cos she got in a relationship & didn't tell the guy she had that shit
  14. Rip Stormin