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  1. Tee

    FIFA 20

    basically some old all about FUT everything else gets over looked
  2. show deffo benefited having more eps only watch 6 so far
  3. injured straight away loool
  4. 😂😂🤣🤣 thread got total air
  5. lol its mad raptors are tucking them in think is it should be all over the on game they lost was more down to them missing shots then g=being out played
  6. i lost the app some reason my pass dont work no more on my box & my fone crashed so had to reboot so no app on there kmt
  7. Tee

    Game Of Thrones

    needed more season imo oh well
  8. yea bucks are moving mad warriors dont even look like they missing KD / any of you man paying attention to the draft ? NY stay getting that shit luck no Zion
  9. play off have been sick so far seems like every team is kinda even
  10. Tee

    Game Of Thrones

    deffo should of been more deaths i was hoping the NK would dropped everyone & thats how the show would of ended
  11. bucks are prob playin the best atm they deffo reaching finals west looks mad tho , all teams look quite even
  12. " The 35-year-old striker arrived at the house at around 6am to find the man's car parked in the driveway, according to the Sun. He was told the man was upstairs with model Kirsty Maclaren, who the ex-Tottenham and Aston Villa forward no longer lives with. Bent then drove around the corner so the man could leave but then returned to have a row with Ms Maclaren. " p*ssy didnt want no smoke with the guy
  13. Tee

    Game Of Thrones

    season 8 starts next wk 4real 1st 2 eps didnt really have anything worth watching propa waste considering theres less EPs
  14. where actually trash , west ham should of battered us ref & linesman saved us
  15. whats telegram ?? yea guy went ghost , thought the service got locked a few times but come back
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