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  1. HangTheDJ


    Definitely on coke Probably has been for years tbh but too much right now
  2. HangTheDJ

    Break ups

    / either that or her mate is so hungry that she's swiped all the fellas out and tinder are generating dormant profiles for her
  3. HangTheDJ

    Break ups

    Just broken up with mine Her mate found my tinder profile, genuinely dormant so no idea why I popped up. I have had the app hidden away in a folder since I got with her, but haven't been on it. I took my phone in to be repaired last week so now I'm paranoid they opened it but whatever, my own fault as I should have deleted it. It's only been 3 days but she's told everyone, deleted me off FB and blocked my number so what can ya do.
  4. Anyone got any goals for 17? I want to get leaner, I'm about 16% BF now, want to be more like 12 and sustain it throughout the Summer. Also improve strength, my bench, deadlift and squat 1rm total 950lbs now, so close to the 1,000lb club.
  5. hahahaha he's fucking brilliant
  6. Count your calories man Track them for a month on myfitnesspal, track everything you eat work out weekly/daily average of what you're taking in Add in 100g of low gi carbs (porridge, sweet potato) each training day / I'm 86kg at 5'10 and my abs are showing in the right pose/light lol, but I'm still holding too much fat 3 weeks in to my cut (cutting over xmas lol), going to try and do it for 12 weeks and get down to 82kg is the plan Carb cycling, so eating high carb on training days (pwo and last meal before bed) and low carb on non-training days, training 4 days per week, added in cardio LISS 15 mins per session this week Plan is to finish up mid jan, take a week off, slow, lean bulk for 16 weeks and then 8 week cut for summer
  7. HangTheDJ


    Kinda tempted, price dependant I'll go. bet it's about £60 or some shit though
  8. Have mild shoulder pain, been ignoring it for a couple of weeks, feels like it's just behind my left shoulder blade. Get it after dips & benching. Don't know what to do about it tbh. It's not bad enough to go to a GP but I obviously don't want to make it worse. Might try just repping out the bench and dropping weight by 20% or something.
  9. Been offered an interview for a job that is based at Heathrow. Pay is 27.5k + shift allowance (probably take it up to around 33-35k). I will work shift patterns so will need to be in a decent commutable distance from Heathrow. I have a car for night shifts if needed but I'm happy to go on public transport when the traffic is worse. Where is cool to live in the surrounding areas? More than happy to get a house share, on that wage I'm looking at about £800 a month tops with bills inclusive. Seems too far from the hipster areas? Male, single, just turned 27. Cheers.
  10. Yeah it's probably not ideal when bulking, but when cutting or maintaining it's fine Got loads of fucking free time too. Only prepare food once a day and it's fresh and hot A mad thing (which I don't often get the benefit of on shift work) is the improved focus in the deepest part of your fast. We're conditioned by cereal companies that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Healthcare professionals will tell you this, you must eat breakfast, xxx research shows people who eat breakfast are healthier/fitter/less disease etc. I think it's a myth, after 3 days of IF I've neer felt so energised in the morning. I wake up around 8.30, don't eat until 2pm, have a coffee around 10-11 and I'm just supremely productive and focused. I used to believe all this shit and research, but look at Southeast Asians, some of the healthiest, clear skinned and leanest region in the world. Cup of tea for breakfast and rice for lunch and dinner. A little big of veg and a tiny bit of protein. Granted they're not building muscle but if that's cool for a billion people then why not in the west? It's just sugar companies trying to sell us Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes
  11. Been doing IF for about 4 weeks Had strength gains and I believe it's from not training on a full stomach Bench 110kgx 6 Dips 12 x 25kg Pullups 6x 5kg (weak) DB shoulder press 6x 34kg Deadlift - 6x 130kg (weak) Squat - 150kgx6 Also, I've deciphered PWO is a myth. I wake at 07.00, train about 8-9, eat meal 1 between 2-4pm, fruit inbetween and then a massive meal (usually 500g chicken and 500g sweet potato and then some fats) before bed Bodybuilding is made complicated by elite level performers to sell you shit. Meal frequency, meal timing and minute macronutrients IMO are a myth Just train for strength 4-8 reps x3 on compound movements, throw in some arm work and eat clean. Ain't even touched protein powder since I've started this, got 7.5kg sitting about in my back room.
  12. Wenger: 'Nobody speaks about the performance of Rob Holding. He's English, you should be happy. I am sorry he didn't cost £55m'
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