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  1. Fresh

    Who had the best verse on pow

    Napper Demon D Double Jamakabi Flowdan Fumin Forcer Neeko Ozzie B
  2. Fresh

    Dilemma Part 1

    First of all stop calling him my boy he’s not my boy college was over a decade ago. Find out the reason for the stop and from there determine which melody to sing.
  3. Fresh

    Dropping Massa's Surname

    Had the urge but conflicted about the message it sends to the rents and the wider family tree
  4. Fresh

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    At this point Kanes reading his own exposure thread sipping tea and dipping popcorn. Mods should have split this from time.
  5. Fresh

    Life Hacks

  6. Fresh

    Life Hacks

  7. Fresh

    The Video Thread part 2

    She handled it very well. I wouldn’t be able to see past baxin him in his Adam’s apple.
  8. Fresh

    Best chat up lines

    Leave a comment on a 2 year old pic
  9. Fresh

    Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    Would never happen. That would cost the taxpayer whereas this does the opposite. It has had an notable effect on the industry. Almost everything has been reformulated over the past year to be below the sugar content threshold with the very few exceptions. Take Coca Cola who produce Coca-Cola Monster Innocent Coke Zero Diet Coke Fanta Sprite Dr Pepper Lilt Oasis Glaceau Smartwater/Vitamin Water Capri-Sun Relentless Schweppes Powerade and more... they will contribute more than 60% of the £250m tax, yet it will only apply to the top two brands. The government expected to see several times that amount but its was more cost effective to invest in reformulation than to pay the tax long term. Especially given that the gov have a bottle return scheme on the horizon. The thing is Coke were reformulating years before the tax was even announced last year and the statistics have already proven that there is no correlation between the amount of sugar consumed through soft drinks and obesity on a national scale. With the sugar content declining whilst obesity rises. The gov just need to be seen to be taking action.
  10. For many rent + saving is slower than repayment + equity. Also minimum salary demands are a more likely hurdle than the deposit. Also in some places you can get a palace with a moat for the price of a room in ends
  11. Fresh

    Cambridge Analytica

    They gonna apologise to Putin?
  12. Fresh

    Dirty talk during sex

    Instructions/commands Control banter Pain banter Can’t get the nut banter Plenty to talk about yo
  13. Fresh

    Save Me

    Set up nicely for season 2 Anyone got ETA on that?
  14. Fresh

    grime Skepta

  15. B beyonce alone is worth A and C but B