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  1. Watch uk column news on youtube. Proper reporting
  2. Happy 2nd quarter Lets get it!
  3. It true Christening next month All invited
  4. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Wow. Place is overrun by bots now ay Sad
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61188603 Extract: "Isabel says she recognised the condom packet. It had the DJ's face on one side - part of a campaign Westwood did with Durex. "I remember that very vividly because I remember that was kind of when my brain also started to shut down." Isabel describes sitting on a chair "frozen with fear". She says Westwood held her shoulders and turned her around."
  6. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Word I hope the same
  7. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Not a lot champ. You good?
  8. What has triggered this outburst?
  9. I always thought it would be good if we could send voicenotes
  10. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Deya! Hope all is well
  11. We're all old now. Lets be real. Forums are actually for old people now.
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