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  1. Official Twitter Thread

    So much less shame in sayin 'whats zest?' Hate when people do things like this especially at work. Jus say i don't kno
  2. Official Twitter Thread

    Trus me Total mockery. people shed tears

    Been in 2 hours Super ready to go home an sleep
  4. Official Twitter Thread

    Phew Got completely bummed for all dem minutes deh Fs
  5. 2017/18 Hot Summer

  6. Lord Sugar's racist tweet

    To my view i take offense They all look the same - offensive The belittling and denigration of the NATIONAL football team of Senegal. Highly skilled, highly talented, accomplished men. Its a damn disgrace and a total disrespect to that country. I'm offended on their behalf Im less concerned with whataboutery.
  7. Official Twitter Thread

    This is true If my partner got food in ANY scenario without considering my belly also, we are having words mate. I just think that is the height of selfishnesss
  8. Kanye West

    On spotify now
  9. Kanye West

    Nice marcus garvey quote on kids see ghosts Favourite track, reborn
  10. President Donald Trump Thread

    You lot need to watch the handmaid's tale Please, the scenario in it doesn't just have to apply to women
  11. Official Twitter Thread

    It was on an episode of black ish Bo's mum didnt raise Bo to do that but Bo was doin it as an adult anyway and her daughter was doin the same for her twin brother... I didn't kno it was an issue. Never thought about that specifically but women are raised to cater to the men in our lives, no doubt Personally I would ask the girl, is that plate for your man? Go from there (if it got to that point)
  12. Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    Capri sun is fucked Beginning of the month i bought two boxes and they were a pound each in asda Bought a box today, didn't check the ingredients. Tastes like muck. An its not the sugar free one
  13. Instagram

    Ffs knew it woulda had to be good