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  1. Hopefully he understands what he is being taught and is not being brainwashed Easy for someone to be very convincing and promise you paradise or heaven if u do abc but you have to understand it for yourself or you risk mental trauma
  2. Rah Can jus say due to the music policy we dont want u no more. Maybe leave smorrr ambiguity
  3. Allll about wigs No one should be fuckin with weave in 2017. No one unless its a one or two tracks for body
  4. where are all these evacuated people gna go? can you imagine u have to go to work and ur livin like a gypsy?
  5. Yes certainly.
  6. Imagine the blackmail thats gna happen now... Gna be seein resignations an policy changes
  7. I love pogba So much
  8. This the type of thing i love to see
  9. I concur. The way some of these people from outside london come here an talk trash about "chavs" where they come from jus cos they think theyve made it. Makes me laugh because there's some middle class person callin that very person a disdain is really the right word
  10. How old is she? an he?
  11. What if in some blocks they used part fire proof part not fire proof. So when they test they might only end up testing the fire proof ones potentially
  12. Annoyed u quoted the whole damn thing But evacuation? Wow
  13. Love the top ones
  14. The aquarium in croydon whitgift Now over a year old
  15. Dry heat as well Unbareable