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  1. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Do you have any reasons why you can't be? / Personally as John Doe said im very aware that Ethiopia has the oldest churches and one of the churches in lalibella is said to be the home of the arc of the covenant. So if the angle is to do with slavery I dont agree
  2. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Hate this so much
  3. Louis Theroux

  4. Louis Theroux

    Nah keith is a fuckin slimey punk Didnt u see the end? He givin her a bit of p attending her sessions like he actually gives a damn but really all he is doin is paying down on her services. Emotional and financial ownership Hes a damn creep and a liar about he never been with a prostitute before her. The girl revealed she been abused since the age of 3 an ur talkin about her hustling some poor punk. / Yes they came from trouble backgrounds so how the hell do you conclude that pimps should be left to pimp? To further manipulate and control vulnerable women an take the money they earned? Well they are already troubled so fuck dem yh? Whats wrong with some of u on here for real? Why u so hell bent on sympathising with complete scumbags? @Drift Hope you have a girl child. / Also a notable lack of interest from the forum on this episode
  5. Harvey Weinstein

    Only u an some other sad internet people will be lollin
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    Smoke screen
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    Because it's embarrassing for one and for two he still could have easily silenced them and im sure still made things hard for them in the industry. Until now he had power. Its embarrassing that they didn't say no its embarrassing that people can now say oh ur only here because u fuck ur way to the top. When u think its only u, u blame urself. Try to forget about it an move on. Even with rumours none them could be sure that if one spoke up others would or that the police would listen. Especially if it was consensual. plus they would have the mentality that they wouldn't be listened to. The model that went to the police is growin up in a world where you are more likely to be heard. They would have had to come out collectively for it to work and planned it but did they even kno who else had been in that situation exactly
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Didnt say he wasnt being held accountable Whilst he is being held accountable by authorities and media people in here seem to want to find and point the finger at the women. Why? Whats the point? Dont understand why its so important to string some women up for telling their stories when with or without those consensual ones he is still a predator. Its a pattern of behaviour on this forum to seek to vilify women when there is a man who is indisputably at fault And i notice no one responded to my post on previous page @JOHN DOE in particular who asked me to expand my neg
  9. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    It is trolling and bit it a piss take really 10 times harder? Leave it
  10. Louis Theroux

    I appreciated this one a lot more
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    I think some folk just feel they have to take a particular stance in diminishing the victims when it comes to nasty men being held accountable for their own actions
  12. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Troll is over now. lets move on
  13. Harvey Weinstein

    Its their obligation
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    Scotland yard now involved
  15. Instagram

    Scofield's face Why is this tv worthy tho