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  1. Hostile environment aka the compliance environment Nothin ain changed and the public has zero appetite to support any immigrant criminal no matter how long hes been here Lets not take this lightly Its as bad as anyone of us bein deported. Can you imagine the feeling?
  2. Grafter


    Nah I see our generation on insta Pure skaters with youts an brands am grey hairs
  3. Grafter


    Can't believe this is happening in 2018
  4. Grafter


    Me too. Never was allowed a skateboard cos it was "too dangerous" Jus admire their skills from the outside now
  5. Grafter


    Maybe he wants to be your friend Think about that before you make him your enemy
  6. Grafter

    European Spring

    We should do away with hand shakes Its just germ spreadin and energy transfers we can do well without Hand on heart holds a lot more meaning anyhow
  7. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    An lets be real. There are men praisin fat batty fat thighs small waist women who are just as potentially unhealthy as Gemma. Eatin crap to get to dem size, fucking up their cholesterol, blood pressure and putting pressure on their joints which weren't built for that weight But u don't decry them, u love them because its ur preferred shape. But they aren't health either
  8. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    Already said i don't agree with people being or promoting poor health. Already said some people will only ever be so small And to add, promotion of obesity is just as unhealthy as promotion of bodies like kim kardashian but so much fewer men tryin to tell kim to go an sit down Let's have the same energy for both if we are really concerned about health
  9. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    Yh fair enough I also dont like that everyone is objectifying themselves these days But i suppose in the context of objectification, Gemma represents inclusion... And tbh being able to be naked in front of people does equate to confidence in any time era. Its not the only way to show or be confident though obviously. Some of these women wont even be confident to be naked with the light on. If they are naturally big, eating healthy, they should feel confident in their bodies at least in the bedroom
  10. Grafter

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Good Its about time
  11. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    I don't get it U dont think they should have any confidence in their bodies But whatever body u have ur either going to be confident or not, an if u are confident its going to come from somewhere. Some women are only ever gna be as small as a certain size naturally, even if they eat healthy. Its not for you to tell them they shouldn't be confident. And it's just a matter of fact that this series of photos will give some of those fat women some confidence. Doesn't have to be the reason Gemma did it but it is an absolute consequence an u can't say u dont by it. I personally cant stand bald heads and I reckon that most of them would love a head of hair if that could magically happen Doesn't mean someone like vin diesels or anelka or tyrese ain given them man bal ed confidence...
  12. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    Cool b Xx
  13. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    But obviously it is sexy to some people Otherwise why is there bbw porn? An when some of your wives do end up with funny bodies an fat in the wrong places ur gna be grabbing her up anyway cos u love her I dont say promote fat because it is ultimately unhealthy but if it stops fat women fuckin moanin an makin snide comments to non fat people im good with it
  14. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    Wether or not she is all the bad things u called her doesn't negate the fact this will promote body confidence Weird insecure men who probably dont even have good physiques themselves always gta chat smack about how a woman looks Fuckbwai ting Its likely ur wife gna have or end up with a similar body, jus statistics
  15. Grafter

    Kim Kardashian

    Boyy I dno I just see what I see