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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61188603 Extract: "Isabel says she recognised the condom packet. It had the DJ's face on one side - part of a campaign Westwood did with Durex. "I remember that very vividly because I remember that was kind of when my brain also started to shut down." Isabel describes sitting on a chair "frozen with fear". She says Westwood held her shoulders and turned her around."
  2. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Word I hope the same
  3. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Not a lot champ. You good?
  4. What has triggered this outburst?
  5. I always thought it would be good if we could send voicenotes
  6. Grafter

    Alright lads

    Deya! Hope all is well
  7. We're all old now. Lets be real. Forums are actually for old people now.
  8. Enjoy the rest of your day (genuinely) / Hope you all sleep well at night (i mean that how it sounds)
  9. Nothing about anything ive said means I'm a mug My stance on this id absolutely concrete. Your the div who cant defend his fuckry.
  10. This is actual whataboutery. Nothing else to add to the discussion at hand Div
  11. Already said what i think of Michael in here
  12. I had one episode left of house of cards before they took him out of it Up to now i ain watched it. And that is a show i really enjoyed, including the frank character
  13. Everybody should hold their own selves accountable Thats humanity basics. I don't expect anything from anyone. I put forward my views and am disappointed largely in humanity. I only hope for progress
  14. Its not logical because i never once said his music was shit. So what was the point in making the statement?
  15. Never once said his music was shit Hows that logical? Irrelevant response And i absolutely can knock the principles of others. It's incompatible with a progressive society. The sick are to be cared for, the hungry to be fed and the vulnerable protected. I literally grew up on this mantra, i don't understand any other way of viewing the world we live in. It all begins with the individual. Then the family then society. You have to hold yourselves accountable.
  16. Right on Not only boostin his ego and profile but also empowering pedos across the board to know that their life, celeb, etc will be just fine if they are talented enough. It silences the voices of victims.
  17. Its about culture and mentality And all you people are showin is that the culture of abuse won't change Not you but A man said he would only stop listenin if r kelly done his family something How that makes sense? The world can only improve if we take responsibility for each other (family or not). Thats my stance across the board
  18. This isnt whataboutery There's direct congruence, so its completely correct to bring all the other talented nonces into this What makes r kelly different? Hes black an you love his music. Lol
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