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  1. Why u dont jus start posting again instead of attention seekin like this lol

  2. Thanks for the follow


  3. Track record of wifeyin hoes

  4. a splash against my hollow booones...

  5. punks jump up to get beat down

  6. render your heart and not your garments

  7. Let brotherly love continue. 2Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares

  8. rock stone was my pillow

  9. tell the truth and shame the devil

  10. you ain gta kiss me, we ain gta hug. bless almighty peace and love!

  11. que dios nos bendigas a todos!

  12. i am a spiritual being living a human experience

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    2. Lens


      This body is a vessel, it isn't permanent, we're merely using it for the length of this life

    3. Grafter
    4. Lionel & Dave
  13. a nuh mi alone, ital a come, teflon a walk wid di ital a bun

  14. All over the world hearts pound with the rhythm, fear not of men because men must die. MIND over matter and SOUL before flesh

    1. Fresh To Death

      Fresh To Death

      angels with a pen keep a record in time...

      which is passing and running like a caravan trailer

    2. Fresh To Death

      Fresh To Death

      the world is overrun with the wealhty and the wicked

  15. sky arts 1 now: 9pm or again at 2.20 bob marley live at the rainbow

  16. tell mami i dont go to the church, tell ahk i dont go to the mosque

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    2. Grafter
    3. Eskay Jones

      Eskay Jones

      colder than march? Im throwing darts bullseye flow and a vulgar heart cut philly in two.... Noahs ark.

    4. Kuffir


      we're battle rapping now? pos for the camron flow doe.

  17. we are the innovators, they are the imitators

  18. don't let babylon fool you

  19. dont seduce to reduce my knowledge because I will always breakdown those barriers and burn down bondage

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