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  1. 2 minutes ago, SLEAZE BALL said:


    You hold yourself accountable

    You can't force or expect other people to live by your stabdars 

    Especially principles that are based on flawed logic

    Everybody should hold their own selves accountable

    Thats humanity basics. I don't expect anything from anyone. I put forward my views and am disappointed largely in humanity. I only hope for progress

  2. Never once said his music was shit

    Hows that logical?

    Irrelevant response

    And i absolutely can knock the principles of others. It's incompatible with a progressive society.

    The sick are to be cared for, the hungry to be fed and the vulnerable protected. I literally grew up on this mantra, i don't understand any other way of viewing the world we live in. It all begins with the individual. Then the family then society. You have to hold yourselves accountable. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, jima said:

    You support his music, you clearly ignore his crimes.

    You contribute to raising his profile and putting money in his pocket.

    His enablers look the other way because of his money and his profile.

    You contribute to a breeding ground of people who look the other way.

    You contribute to boosting the ego of a paedophile, rapist and physical abuser who continues his heinous crimes because he knows that there is enough scum like you that is going to continue to support what enables him. 

    Right on

    Not only boostin his ego and profile but also empowering pedos across the board to know that their life, celeb, etc will be just fine if they are talented enough.

    It silences the voices of victims. 

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  4. 37 minutes ago, SLEAZE BALL said:

    I know I'm right

    I just feel like it's unfortunate that some people will be in their feelings about what I said because they're unable to maintain objectivity

    Him being a nonce does absolutely nothing to change how his music sounds acoustically

    And in a practical sense what effect does me not playing R Kelly have in terms of helping the young women he has in captivity as we speak?

    None whatsoever

    anyway *young nudy voice*

    Show me a person that says this tune ain't a BANGAH and I'll show you a got damn liar


    Its about culture and mentality

    And all you people are showin is that the culture of abuse won't change

    Not you but A man said he would only stop listenin if r kelly done his family something

    How that makes sense? 

    The world can only improve if we take responsibility for each other (family or not). Thats my stance across the board

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