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  1. Ur the only nitty round here you bummy tramp of a petty thief Don't bother with me
  2. Bruv idgaf what comes out this ginals mouth Hes nobody's hero and hes no Jamaican. There's no debate
  3. Grafter


    Wow Im taken aback now *Backs away slowly*
  4. I don't believe hes Jamaican sorry Jus another one of his multitude lies
  5. Lmao But yr dead wrong if you're aspiring to manipulate and control How about level your mental up so you get a stable mature woman Control is a small man ting
  6. Grafter


    Didn't read after you said let's leave p diddy out of it. Thats what im sayin so what about. So what about some celebrities personal life. No crime, no impact on our entertainment. No public interest. Just seems weird, like we know the guy "Ohhh diddy ain gna let this slide" U guys amuse me Better to watch EastEnders
  7. Wern feelin it tbh Think they missed the mark. They could have chosen bettee scenes of what #metoo really represents. They used some mild behaviour there... not impactful for me. Well it's gna be impactful in the opposite direction, strengthening incels, pushing certain man back over the fence
  8. Rhoc season 13. Emily threatens to kill kelly more than once. From 2 mins u see it, she says it right at the end tho
  9. He looks so artificial. Sounds it to "Im so gassed to announce"
  10. Tell dem again please. All kinda madders across the board. Same goes for fuckry men. Nigerians > Africa tbh Carenot
  11. Skip to 3:17 an wait for the yard man to come in an KILL IT / Jus watched the whole thing. This what i used to love about hip hop
  12. Grafter

    Game Of Thrones

    Last season did feel rushed tho
  13. Yhh yhhh she fuckin smashed it For once the dancy bits and the facial expressions actually fit the routine Best floor routine ive seen in aaaaages
  14. Trust On the neck The things ive seen. My gard
  15. Becky ain calm This is a common myth Bout calm
  16. Dint watch But i been waiting for chakabars to fall from the grace of his sheep
  17. There's some 50 odd yr old woman who zooooms down the strand in evenin rush hour
  18. Women in history always gettin slandered with slore talk Coincidence?
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