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  1. Men who wear black shirts on any occasion apart from waiting on tables Also men who wear dr martin type boots with suits Not acceptable
  2. These type of debates really grate my soul. And its because of the mindset that people on both sides are carrying with them Irritates me so much. Weakens my confidence in humanity
  3. Favourite scenes guys? I think my fav episode is the wedding. Been rewatching the whole thing
  4. Should take this as an opportunity to recalibrate the brain All the best chaps / Anyone else agree with DSTs assertions?
  5. The distinction between professional communication and colloquial communication is being quickly eroded in order to remove the us and them dichotomy I disagree with it entirely. But the wheels started turnings around ten years ago.
  6. Is that when London was just the bits that constitute "the city of london"?
  7. Grafter


    Rah Was expecting so much more from that video I'm extremely disappointed
  8. Dont even kno what to say
  9. First heard this soyboy term yesterday in one of the latest episode of its always sunny. Dee said it Weird term
  10. Poor view of your gender ain it?
  11. Jus watched again "Send you to hell you subjects" I'm dead
  12. So someone well placed. Better placed than any of you at least. Shes not some corporate lobbyist, shes not being funded by single parents. Keep laughing and living in your bubbles Peace out
  13. In no way do I or have I evee advocated single parent households by choice. But we need go change the narrative on this. Many many youts with dads around still fuck up Theres new research out now which shows single parent families are not the source of the worlds criminals. https://phys.org/news/2018-12-children-well-being-negatively-affected-single-parent.html The real issue is poverty plain an simple
  14. Did your parents know everything you were doin? My mum certainly didn't. It's impossible. And she was more up my arse about my whereabouts than other peoples mums that I knew Some parents really don't know. Leave them to remember their son how they knew him
  15. Lol wut? / Bless at my height, would go out with a man who was even my height. Probably not shorter tho
  16. 28 years. That judge was on one
  17. Never heard that term before Once again, so sad. Wonder where that came from
  18. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/your-family-will-die-man-jailed-for-placing-lurid-curse-on-garda-37694521.html Irish obeah Interesting how seriously this is taken in court. Rightly so I think.
  19. Grafter


    Jus baffled why you care. Come like ur diddy mudda
  20. Long over due Add drake to that hopefully But in reality I don't think thats gna happen. No one cares enough. The stuff we know on these other guys is kind of as much as we knew about r kelly before this doc. An how were people acting before this? Ray Charles left right an center.
  21. Investigate him yes. Hes also associated with them nex afrika bambata pedos
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