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    Jus baffled why you care. Come like ur diddy mudda
  2. Long over due Add drake to that hopefully But in reality I don't think thats gna happen. No one cares enough. The stuff we know on these other guys is kind of as much as we knew about r kelly before this doc. An how were people acting before this? Ray Charles left right an center.
  3. Investigate him yes. Hes also associated with them nex afrika bambata pedos
  4. Yep. Thought the same thing watching the trailer for that yesterday.
  5. Nah, he turned it to out Rage
  6. The rest is just media propaganda against criminals
  7. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    Well...no but I'd be down for a come dine with me situ
  8. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    Real talk if you tasted some of my food I don't think you'd miss the meat...
  9. Mj ain no fuckin nonce It's been years since his death and not one person has come out and said a word. Pedos are notoriously prolific, as we have seen. Yet nothing. Caulkin is still defending man He was a strange man but no nonce
  10. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    Not just chicken breast tho is it It's excessive water and antibiotics and the rest
  11. Wasn't raz b sayin he molested b2k? Remember them mad videos?
  12. Yh all the best. Dont make it break you though
  13. Nah nah I'm not here for this second wave attack on thin people. Fat has been in for so long now. Its been catered to for soooo long. I can't get my size in the shop, how is that fair? Let's talk about fat privilege tho. The privilege they have to tell people how they look an that the are skinny etc etc, anorexic, dont eat. But if u say fat u might as well be sayin the n word. They have the privilege now. An whomever supports this nonsense, may god have mercy
  14. Rah so someone really came to my gaff yesterday and turn my toilet roll around I would NEVER....
  15. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    What irks me is that people assume why people do the things they do. If they aren't demandin concrete reasons, they are making up their own. Life ain black an white I get that vegans in particular are very preachy about their motives. But this ain tit for tat, you dont have to be preachy back. Someone living a certain way personally isn't forcing you to do anything Personally i eat what the eff I like anytime I feel like it and I don't tell anyone anything about what they eat Cant Be triggered cos a couple people say they are looking forward to a sausage roll. Comin like "AHA!" LOL come off it
  16. Wow. Some of them were bang on
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