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    Vegan Gang

    But if they aren't telling you about your lifestyle and how you should live why on earth is your opinion so strong on it? And I think it's different to ur example. There are myriad reasons people choose or choose not to eat certain things. It's great that you're so enlightened but I'm sure not everything you do is 100% congruent with your proclaimed diet choice.
  2. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    This is quite holy righteous
  3. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    There's nothing wrong with having a sausage roll now an then. Just because I choose not to eat meat doesn't mean every single food item I digest must be the most healthy
  4. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    Thats an expensive waste of police time over fake outrage Gregg's has opened near my work. Looking forward to cheaper lunch options
  5. Tragic Gta be aware and kno when you're arguing with a nutter
  6. Toilet lids must be kept closed. All things with lids must have the lids on. They are there for a reason
  7. Always in Never out Don't like lids off things or wall plug switches on a with nothing plugged in
  8. Grafter

    Vegan Gang

    Yesss One shop on strutton ground has had them for time, like years and years, before vegan was a big thing. Delicious.
  9. Sorry to hear Call you friends people. Go an see dem.
  10. Best gif user in 2018 Where your crown with pride please
  11. Reckon u can answer that for yourself mate
  12. Why even,? Which other artist does that?
  13. Got fucked up on rum punch last night I'm dying real slow right now. Can't keep anything down Pray for smaddy
  14. Most shocking violence all year. Bus ain safe now?
  15. U can stream on it Last used it for cardi b and dej loaf mix tapes
  16. lotta stories Like this. Just seems like such a spiteful, petty thing to do
  17. Throw it away Friggin well listening to everything you say and recording it
  18. I knew frank was Spaceys ultimate dream persona. Every last weird nasty facet of it. Now the madness is really coming through
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