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  1. If ur not in the mood ur not in the mood... On Christmas apparently u have to force it
  2. How can there be no video footage? What about air traffic control, I presumed they raised the alert...
  3. Why are you directing this at me? None of it applies Have a happy festive period
  4. No There are things that are funny and things that are cheap and unfunny. Omid jalili for example and I'm no Iranian
  5. Fuck Chris rock And I been saying that ever since he came out with niggas vs black people and every one latched on like it was some peer reviewed super sound social science. Fuck him. Waste of space. And his most recent Netflix stand up with the crap about Jamaica. He should just go back indoors an shut the door behind him
  6. headlines of the year thread
  7. Didum didum didum didum didum didum diduuuuuuuum d-d-d-d-d-dum
  8. They can hardly give away what the measures are can they
  9. Literally ruined so many people's Christmas
  10. They say its a commercial drone
  11. I don't understand that particular statement or how it fits with the rest of your post. I don't agree that the rest explains that statement or I wouldn't have asked
  12. I like it when the hair is very firey an tan skin. Seen so many arabby gingers in Seville. ?
  13. Not watched but it was totally acceptable to say things like they have no soul which is deep An other nasty things, even as adults they are fair game apparently Personally i like how it looks a lot
  14. Never thought about it like that regards diluting democracy. Devolution is power is certainly the right direction tho. The move towards globalisation has a lot of negatives
  15. So many Christmas drinks Not sure if im lookin after everyone's bags right #options
  16. Mostack bar about pedos needs to be on this
  17. If you're lookin for an EU state then you are lookin at more than just trade. Thats a political union
  18. Buttt Im sceptical in some ways because of the prison industry. These laws have helped to keep that entire industry alive, they got entire towns with economies entirely dependent on the local prison. Whats the catch here
  19. Grafter


    I don't think so you know. Felt that was pretty direct, just another way of looking at the situation
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