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  1. my first console was a 360 til that point in late 2007 i was a pc gamer i feel like i missed out i also feel like console gamers missed out on pc gaming wait what pc didnt have games what the f*ck am i talking about
  2. i heard when you cook human flesh it smells like bacon
  3. i dont say black or white i use ethnicity i dont say yellow i say Chinese
  4. im too high for this sh*t she sounds like a 12 year old girl who will eat her words once she tastes the magical nectar edit; this is her pic and her twitter is @moorizZLA , more rizla im confused i told you i was too high for this sh*t
  5. ok seeing as a few VETS on here are worried about the ban on dam, without pulling up sources and going ott on this the ban is not going to happen 1) judge placed ''ban'' on southern province, and netherlands is split up so city of amsterdam has its own council 2) the ban is discriminatory against forgeingers, which is against EU regulations and therefore illegal 3) city of amsterdam council is up in arms and will fight this to death IF it gets to that stage which it wont 4) the coffeeshop owners in DAM have already said they not gonna pay attention to it all 5) the coffeeshop owners in the southern provinces are not going to pay attention to it when it comes in effect 1st of may, so there will be a trial case, and that will be precedent, EU law overrides national/state law 6) the right wing government which put this into place has fallen apart, and the left wing government which is emerging will most definitely backtrack this bullshit because it does not tackle the problem they were trying to solve ANNNND there is so much more but my fellow smokers please do not worry we are moving forwards not backwards upwards not downwards and forever spiraling, spiraling towards freedom!! AANNND book tickets to copenhagen LOL SICK CITY
  6. lol at being worried about the ''ban'' real ents know / I just got back from Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freetown_Christiania booking flights to go back asap vibes were f*ck*ng immense bunning fatty by the lake bud was meh, had to look around for the chung, but the hash, oh my f*ck*ng lord, best hash
  7. O.Man


    nah, but i remb shopping city wood green there was one on the 2nd floor, dunno if its still there.
  8. O.Man


    independent games stores FTW get them chinese RF imports in the back, stock normal in the front
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