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  1. Terror Attack in Barcelona

  2. The Video Thread part 2

    Tttttrrrruuuuusssst worse is girls that ain't even monetised it and just do it or the glory or now they're just stuck with maintaining a crowd of bitter girls that liked her 2 years ago the toll on their insecurities and personal life guhhh no fun for a BF even in a big city you get clocked being sneaky everywhere
  3. The Video Thread part 2

    Oh it was in Kent wait wha? The under 10s too? How could I have been so blind to this global conspiracy as you were
  4. The Video Thread part 2

    They defo did people are just bein told to regurgitate about it now thats why Im only talking about drugs n slags fuck the system
  5. The Video Thread part 2

    Nope you're very much confused theres no global coordination you live within a 'white society' and thus are emersed within it I can believe that they made some English, I assume London based, school children do a minute silence for people dying in London that's not to say I've ever had much of a fondness for silly one minute silences, I'm just aware how English society reacts to tragedies Go to any other continent, ignore euro and American television (although I imagine it'll be hard to understand what's being said) and play the game of spot the empathy and respect for European terrorism
  6. The Video Thread part 2

    What do you mean by inclusive thinking
  7. President Donald Trump Thread

    'The media' purposely or unpurposely running with unproven stories? Say it ain't so
  8. How was that part of your argument i thought this was gonna be a videod debate for a minute
  9. Instagram

    Why am I walking on egg shells exacrly my thoughts
  10. President Donald Trump Thread

    Wack debates me n venom did all this way better 4 years ago youll be more content when you don't
  11. Dreams

    Still get school or uni work dreams to this day the relief when you realise is there any losers at life that have this or is this a symptom of general achievers? tell us lads
  12. Just smoke stronger stuff
  13. Game Of Thrones

    It was a good ep ice doesn't enjoy anything apart from his memories of Aiya napa