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  1. The Wiley Thread

    Cold day init

    OK lads nice, I’m leaning more towards it being used by business’ in app form n more in website form by customers dunno if this complicates matters Dub, cheers bro, input appreciated as for how basic it is, let me know what you think... its essentially a calendar based booking app with small added extras - it would just need an existing template tweaking - this coming from someone ignorant as fuck as to what that entails What kinda ball park figure you reckon that would cost? Can go more in depth with details privately if needed sounds stupid from what I’ve wrote but this is fills a much needed gap, market research finished I’ve already exhasted all possible avenues as far as ppl I know IRL who might be able to help me, turns out I ain’t in with many tech heads Carlos, send me over your WhatsApp if and when you have time so I can give you the low down
  3. Rip Stormin

    Lol wtf this dude normally says clever shit I swear
  4. Hello Anyone capable of creating what is essentially a real basic app? Know anyone? would you recommend using outsource/ Indian coders that do the work for much less? Any potential negatives? im on github tryna figure out what’s what for what I’m guessing I’m looking at what are templates and there’s a few to look through regarding my concept This is pretty light work and potentially the opportunity to own a stake in what will no doubt be a massive global success as is everything I touch Carlos? Shout me
  5. he's defo tooting these days
  6. I was just laughing at the concept of a made up word they turn a profit

    Package holidays? what why
  8. You get cunts that scrape a measly living from eBay scamming where’s he live @Anderson windows cost money
  9. Aye got bad reviews on my website for this in the early days of trading ’leicester ain’t far mate’ But yeah eBay and PayPal wise just gotta suck off the customer if you give a shit about your account n they’ll side with the customer anyway general rule is to send via recorded delivery if the name is proper Asian even if you’re makin fuck all profit from it cos he will claim it never came n you will get wound up over the violation of 6 quid fuck PayPal
  10. What other kinda things can you do man I was tryna get me some of that money stuff but if this is the end game then why am I bothering i make babies accidentally
  11. If it’s a boy they’re defo gonna bum it dub SHUT YOUR MOUTH it’s a made up word you flagrant liberal Dutch sheep person faggot
  12. You are defo regressing Are you smoking hard stuff playa
  13. Culture Vultures

    Great Fred