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  1. local

    The Wiley Thread

    i'm not gettin any enjoyment from this bit sad this is a bit of a glimpse into the next few years i reckon meth swiftly tainting the country's coke this is just the start fuck sleep
  2. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    bit mad i remembered i'd posted somethin in reply to the little faggot but it was right at the end of a 3 day no sleep stress filled work marathon shell of a man at this point no recollection of actual post content got back to read it yday n other than some missed commas n minor grammar mistakes, even i'm pretty impressed i meant every word tho mate, good luck bleeding out in your bathtub xxx
  3. local


    economical validity
  4. local


    the gypsies know where you sleep now boy they'll be wearing your skin before can roll your last joint
  5. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    A successful half omnipotent demi god inevitably destined for global levels of power acquisition that even you’d struggle to twist into a blame game of the European sympathy driven notion of racism. It’s a shame you never matured mate I don’t know when the cut off point is but seems like most English raised serfs will take their justificated falacies to their death now if they ain’t shown flexibility in their capacity to think by our age (I’m 28 now, I believe you’re much older and far less acheieved). You are an instantly replaceable, infinitely pointless and willing cog in the global system you blame your existence on. You’d replace the concept of globalisation with your racism towards Caucasians of course. If you did take a break from almost certainly meeting aging white men on Grindr, deep throating northern Europe’s egotisticaly warped perspective on anthropology and individual sovereignty and ever did put your flaccid c*ck to its intended use and procreate, you reckon even your grandkids would have any knowledge of your name or actual existence? it’s a shame, humanity could actually be a few generations off from enlightenment and you and most of the worlds population would probably have been a more capable and less predictable, purpose ridden, transparently closeted faggot a good thousand years ago, still probs willingly sat under your blissful ignorance you would miss hollyoaks tho I bet and hopefully your eventual succesaful suicide attempt. safe
  6. local


    old wives tales bro centuries of inbreeding = weak dexterity you gonna need some goli sized petro pockets to get near the danger zone it's the romani gonorrhea that really sneaks up on you tho
  7. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    everyone then
  8. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    i don't need to press play to get the gist of it guess my opinion
  9. you're just not valuing it enough mate you need to pay top shelf p for the real grit PM me
  10. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    that's a mean thing to wish justin
  11. local

    Racial Ambiguity

    I’ve never knocked up a white or brown variety Asian bird Is the universe challenging me Is the use of contraception more prevalent with whiteys Does the global gene pool’s demand for variety act as a stimulant on my sperm’s breaststroke when a Nigerian bird is gettin the last few pounds / this is a new poem I’m working on
  12. local

    Feminism is the worst thing to happen to society

    Oh woe is us women following their instincts and submitting to their desires n feeling less unnatural manufactured guilt not a good time to be insecure n in a long term relationship eh not bad for some tho
  13. local

    2 tracksuit bottoms....tracksuit bottoms under jeans......

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 forever prefixing nonces