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    whats a bring back
  2. Babe Alert

    too small for what

    Wretch is touring minor venues some of them Drop some money n have a chat whos he to you
  4. People who duck calls

    I would like to get into hunting at one point in my life tbh I’m leaning more towards big game than hiding in bushes squeeking at ducks tho
  5. You can’t keep saying that to people mate Defo can’t punctuate it with those emojis ag could we have a conversation our kid maybe an interview fred ill pay you 20 quid for every honest answer or somethin maybe we can do a gofundme n you could be laughing lets elevate our forum users
  6. Solar System with 8 planets found

    Cos if they want some we’ll give it to em
  7. Solar System with 8 planets found

    Do they want some
  8. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    I ain’t for the sole colour but the rest would work / lew trolling / I still wanna see the answer
  9. An easy 10 out of 10 fresh as fuck humble computer shop in what im imaging to be broomhall Did you make your move @ag.
  10. Instagram

    Why do you keep saying this
  11. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Where from gracey
  12. lens make a track about pens plz i'll ghostwrite for 0% royalties
  13. I’ll take a q off him for the right price n take some of that pressure off
  14. R.I.P Wu Yongning his death

    Venoms East Asian side coming out to play catty / I agree with heero altho that video is a bit harrowing rooftopping is sick tho I wanna do some of them HK ones aint on about one armed pull ups n that but standing on the edge of the world is a mad buzz