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  1. The Video Thread part 2

    you know anyone that shots rock?

    Is Ibiza still on
  3. Drink Driving

    Same in thai God bless the last bastions of freedom
  4. Drink Driving

    Live fast die drung
  5. Life Hacks

    VPN to fili no1 ever wanted that before
  6. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    I’d imagine some jokes would follow
  7. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Eric has chaps details too he just won’t share
  8. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Rebrand already in full effect Salsa dance n siping sangria now senior kane
  9. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Haha literally no one believes that mate ill gladly wear that badge if that’s the parameters Id watch it happen to you too, you’d take a nap n id go home count my money n sleep happy We can call it a day here now you’ve cemented the fact that you’re a fantasist Thanks for keeping the streets safe superman xxx
  10. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Finish him
  11. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Yo woah woah keep it trill smads he was asking a question why can’t you just say out loud it’s cos you’re a bit of oddball also / Edit - reread and he was insinuating something actually go forth / your man likes it
  12. Talk Da Tings

    I was high as fuck in a particularly dark period of my life a few months back in england pun intended i had a wank while watching that ladies night 2 vids cheers mate
  13. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Flojo sill here leutenant still here but he hasn’t had a strong opinion since 2002 apart from his views on DST 🤣 smads is safe, her next door neighbour audibly busses during the late night and she’s having an affair with some well connected geeza from cov, her man is ok with it all the rest are dead / who are you / n this is in no way an isolated incident apparently for this lad no one will spill the beans tho cough heero
  14. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Same geeza will continually act like commenting on and having opinions on anyThing slightly greaze is too much i don’t disagree with that necessarily, just don’t feel the need to constantly push that on internet neeks in a obviously transparent attempt to ttffkkkk Dont double fucking standards me Im consistently safe and a c*nt constantly
  15. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Discussing the over top p*ssy boy antic reactions of other people I’d what I was doin, while ridiculing this Kane muppet who I already know if a walking joke, digging deets from those in the kno, I even forced myself to look on twitter at one point is turning a blind eye now ye There’s a middle ground between blind and teary yh im mad I’m a few things but never pathetic Fighting talk for what, get a hobby u c*nt