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    Pmsl The world is a wacky place
  2. local


    fuck right offf
  3. Duh they know exactly what they’re doing and exactly the demographic that will be wound up by blondies fat boat and their air quoted promising schoolgirl and they’ll keep doin it cos google analytics or whatever other evil genius software will be analysosng the views n click throughs and mentions of this article n their sources ie you nonces
  4. Far too old to indulge in whatever youre suggesting The influx of student loan dough really helps keep the family business stay afloat tho (we co-freanchise half a rymans stationary shop) Been hoarding calculators all month bro its gonna be a MAD SEPTEMBER
  5. Far too old to indulge in whatever youre suggesting The influx of student loan dough really helps keep the family business stay afloat tho (we co-freanchise half a rymans stationary shop) Been hoarding calculators all month bro its gonna be a MAD SEPTEMBER
  6. Good to see Justin still securely rocking the forum’s crown for most profound insights Do you fast for 3 days straight in a float tank to come up with these mad out the box insights house of commons has your name written all over it mate let’s hope no one has outlawed GBH by the time you level up you big genius you / video made me feel sick, bubble wrapped voyeurs should be publically shamed tbf cant be audibly climaxing watching the theatrics chatting shit while simultaneously probs providing the solidest evidence for plod shame love island ain’t on all year round 24/7 to keep these dildos more in doors
  7. Don’t rub it in mate still freshers week is soon upon us where u at
  8. We’re living in a new world me, in the past, I couldn’t imagine myself associating with a homosexual other than to maybe chirps the slags they naturally orbit now I’m a bit older n I realise that some of them are more geeza than heteros Fuck a randomer, but what if one of your close boys come out all out the blue, a known face, rowdy kinda geeza now all of a sudden shows his true self behind the mask Now all that bravado might start to make sense, do you say bravo or do you say bye bro bro If you don’t cut them off are things weird now, do you spud them or fully shake their hand? do you know where it’s been? and do they have access to efficient sanitation so you don’t personally catch something gay? Maybe a hug is more appropriate if they’re suddenly a girly gay, maybe charm them if they’re rich and dangle some hope just outta their rich in order to exploit their resources like some metaphorical charismatic colonial power mining for minerals in their land (no homo) what do you think guiz? I’d also just like to take this time to congratulate mike glorious and Eric for their bravery in this regard i wish you 2 all the happiness in the world x
  9. Bro you never divulged any actual info about yourself to me personally you know I hope you didn’t tell some fake me where you’re from n your opinion on sports cos I would be slightly hurt im down south a fair bit these days come buck your boy
  10. Haha them coked up simple minded Asian gambling group dons i was shifting some THC vape carts to one mate of a mate n in the midst of the haggling process he proposes instead of a pinky payment that he just allows me permission into this gambling group In my head the fact one of the YGs has just come up 30k in a month off of that same group was wrestling with my disgust of gambling n the fact I don’t have time to learn the intricacies of modern day gambling i took the fifty instead next week I hear he blew all his stack on a sure bet gone wrong am I missing a trick here or what what what Anyone involved in these kinda circles
  11. It wasn’t on my old Indonesian number was it n all in broken English sprinkled with little hair brown d*ck pics 😂😂😂😂 cos that is a long story
  12. Like right now today and not 8 months ago? ye that ain’t me bro I’m using more covert apps for big man talks these days Shared Gmail account saved draft n delete convos on top of subliminal emoji based instagram stories, that’s how we topple this government gg What kinda questions
  13. local


    Give it time lads it’ll be back eventually histor will repeat itself I will see to it kids can’t do anything properly without the backing and support of wise OGs whether you old farts can relate to it or even notice it by that time is a different story
  14. Are you the one selling them tee shirts bro u lot are sly
  15. Yeah I’m good too you know Nice speaking bro safe safe safe safe sfe sfe sf sf sf
  16. You can’t smell anything from here mate other than your short sighted perception based on your own conditioning, projected insecurity’s and limited experience of life The YGs of today, especially middle class more affluent cunts, actually believe all this PC every human is equal conditioning that they grew up on.......n oddly enough that actually manifests itself into becoming true Turns out we are just a bunch of maluable monkeys with IPhones better try jump on that same wave before we all turn into our own grandparents mate
  17. local

    African Child

    😂😂 / fuck all this mental problems talk I have more ‘mental problems’ on a good day geeza just has a massive imbalance in his ego to critical thinking skills ratio not unlike half our fellow posters / poet has always been moist
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