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  1. Raheem Sterling

    SMH @ this whole transfer saga. Raheem is a bigger judas than Campbell.
  2. Raheem Sterling

    Just came back in here to say FUCK RAHEEM SHAQUILLE STERLING Worm looking speng. Firmino > Ibe > Sterling
  3. Raheem Sterling

    He will leave in about 3 seasons I reckon. Fee: £80m or so.
  4. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    This is sounding so desperate from Van Gaal. Dont know if hes handling this pressure well tbh. He wants Blind and Vidal. If he gets them 2 as well and wins nothing it will be a HUGE dasaster
  5. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    70m for Di Maria lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    Pirlo said: 'Mario has matured since he has been back in Italy. He will be the first to admit when he was younger he made some mistakes - but he is not that player anymore. 'Anybody who still talks about him in that way is living in the past.'The 35-year-old added: 'I have always said that in the right environment he has the potential to be one of the best strikers in Europe. 'He needs to be given space. The media do not need to write a story every time he goes to the shops - the time has come to write only about what he does on the field.'
  7. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    Apparently we have offered Eto'o a 1 year contract. DEPTH.
  8. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    Why Wenger didnt sign Balo when he had the chance a month ago BAFFLES ME SO MUCH. Biggup Wenger though going into the season with Giroud and Sanogo up top lmaoooo
  9. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    g] n;fg n]; gfn ;]gf m; gf[]m[]gf] WE ACTUALLY SIGNED BALOTELLI I AM OVERLY GASSED. WHAT A SIGNING AT A SNIP Rodgers >> Sir Alex
  10. https://vine.co/v/M37F1mB5IzB er[;gre []g[;]re;[ ]hgre[h[;re[h]ge[ g []req[]gqrwe[]r;we Bird shitted in that diving rat face's mouth
  11. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Moyes >> Van Gaal The way Bony took out jones for Ki's goal The way that c*nt Rooney and his mediocre team mates celebrated his goal like his team will go on and win it The look on Van Gaals big crusty face
  12. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    LMAO Iker stays on the bench. Navas is beast / The scum bidded 55m for Di Maria lmao
  13. Summer Transfer Thread 2014

    Now that Benzema has signed a new contract............... Our Brendan >>