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  1. we need to 2 days notice when your department hands in a new employee form 9 out of 10 times they usually give it to us on the day or the day before, its been the same everywhere i go ppl love blame IT
  2. deffo top 5 shame these new UK rap listeners will never know
  3. and i rememebr {sweets](sp) from back in the day as well
  4. I done Sql and data warehouse as a degree, so I know the basics but I don't have work experience in it, so I'm doing my Oracle and Microsoft certification in summer.... But your right Sql is so healthy right now even as a entry level position... Your looking at 30k to 45k calm doing simple querys... Once your in the database industry you should be looking at data warehousing that's when u get the serious bucks 60k upwards.. Don't sleep on Sql trust me.. But it will be hard understand the diagrams ERD etc This time next year I should be doing databases
  5. Guest28

    Break ups

    but you actually don't know if he cheated not evidence, nothing! mad women
  6. i don't understand why they didn't rebuild didn't the same thing happen with inter when they won the treble no motivation at all
  7. bruv how did you get into DIv 5!!!!! specially with onetouch in the team, his pro is beast
  8. Trippiers crossing has always been on point since the Burnley days Don't know why he doesn't get much game time
  9. he adapted in every UK scene from the 00s from grime to funky now hes doing the uk hip hop thing he should of been singed years ago
  10. Lool it's Mr reams/zomby I'm On now btw
  11. Same, the other night was beautiful football apart from my two penalty misses
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