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  1. ^^Basically whoever's eating off this oil told them leave it. How's he trying to cite damaging the environment or infrastructure as a reason after what they did in Iraq/Libya? Obviously everyone's got their own agenda, but NATO have been angling for a conflict with Russia for time now. Putin's stressed the need to respect national borders recently, aside from Crimea & Georgia, cos he knows he can't give them a valid reason. 2-3 years back when Cameron & Sarkozy were trying to build up support for bombing Syria after Libya Putin was one of the few arguing against sanctions & military intervention.
  2. I'm after a half decent graphics tablet, ideally Wacom or similar..
  3. It's all calculated. Who's buying the oil? They sell millions of dollars worth every day. It will be the wealthiest Europeans, Turks, Kurds, Israelis profiting from it. Western media were acting like taking out IS would have been difficult for them, look at that video of Russia bombing the refinery Elementalism posted, there's no way you can convince me NATO were unaware. This isn't about some small group on the Syrian border, it's about provoking Russia and dominating Putin publicly. Best believe that Turkey didn't down that plane without the green light from NATO. After Iraq Western Govts could never convince the public to back another war in the Middle East, so IS makes a convenient enemy. It's no coincidence we're bombing these countries and forcing refugees out at the same time as our Gulf State allies finance more Wahhabi mosques in Europe and the media is full of barely concealed attacks on Islam.
  4. Dirty Burger's the best of these new burger spots I've tried, only a fiver too. Most of these places are way overpriced.
  5. Max B aka Nafe Smalls. He's deya. Blasphemy. Max B's music has soul, that kids just bredding that generic trap/Chicago shit. Majority of these guys don't get ratings cos they just follow (American) trends, there's nothing original in it. The youth will buy into it but it has 0 appeal to me personally, which is cool, I don't expect it to.
  6. Fillup Banks


    Not seen FArgo but agree re. Gomorrah. Wasn't feeling the pro-DEA/America angle too much, still a solid 8/10 though.
  7. Arab Spring revolts that Assad shut down, outside media/govts encouraged the conflict as a way of removing Assad. Then it descended into proxy war involving Saudi & Iran, NATO & Russia, various ethnic/religious groups & attracted Islamists & mercenaries from Libya that became IS. This is getting very sticky now. There are no 'good guys'… The Russian plane getting shot down looks like a reaction for Putin taking out IS's oil refineries and revealing that their backers include G20 members ie. Turkey & Saudi. Without oil money IS wouldn't stand a chance and it's being exported through Kurdistan/Turkey to the Mediterranean. Turkish & Kurdish leaders are profiting from it. In the last 6 months Israel bought most of their oil through the Kurds.
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    \These guys fell off hard. Not completely worthless but their early shit was soo much better, when the Flo Jam EP came out they were killing it.
  9. ^nice late to the party but this is a tune
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    Levels are SO low right now. Meek is wack and Drake's a fraud but we all already knew that. Contemporary Hip Hop is just a soap opera / pop music hybrid, cannot rate any of this shit.
  11. Nice, never heard that. U know someone out there is sitting on some gold from Max, hopefully it eventually gets released.
  12. lol about blank & sisyphos are worth checking out if you're at a loose end
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