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  1. I barely log in this forum these days, but I just check up every now and then to see if any of the old members are still around etc, and it's quite sad that this forum is an absolute graveyard but understandable as everyone has grown up and moved on in their lives. Thought I'd check in, if you are an old school member, give us an update and tell us what's going on with your life? I remember some of the LEGENDARY exposure threads etc I feel nostalgic reminising, almost like Rwdmag forum and VIP2 was apart of my teenage years growing up.
  2. OPM season 2 is weak compared to season 1. Sad.
  3. God damn French shelled it differently too "Big steppah"
  4. Trump the fucking nutter fired him off a Twitter post. The old boy who got fired doesn't even have Twitter This is just mad. ??
  5. Seymour Cake


    Skepta come in the weakest wtf Paganssssnnnnss
  6. FFS Reportedly Kidney failure. RIP
  7. Safe bro! Yes I meant 11gb. Spending a fair whack on it all but ROI will be in no time. Im thinking to just run them red and get what as much as I can out of them, to the point where I would of made enough to not even worry about reselling it if shit hits the fan. Love for the guidance bro, my boy is clued up, but I'm fairly new to mining I fully understand your plan and thought process, pretty much the same as mine. My only doubt is when BTC and ETH difficulty levels get too high, would it be safe to jump on the newer cryptos (in the end goal of copping BTC/ETH)?
  8. I've jumped on this mining ting with my boy. We getting 8x 1080ti 8gb gfx card, figures are looking healthy for a initial test rig
  9. No wai. We have been spoilt with some of these collabs and I'm not complaining one bit. My fave so far being Super Slimey, certain artists just bring the best out of each other. I'm very happy to keep getting collab tapes.
  10. Feels like Quality control album is filled up with leftover tracks that didn't make the cut, however there are a couple bangers here and there. Huncho Jack is bangs silly!!! Travis' adlibs just gets me hyped, and Quavo is just a wave don.
  11. Nah this needs to stop, the jokes over and he is not even remotely funny anymore. Can tell man is gonna struggle big time if he doesn't find another angle. Even that MoTheComedian guy's 15mins is starting to dry up. Its jokes when they are natural with it, but when they start forcing it to create longivity it gets cheesy af.
  12. Seymour Cake

    Destiny 2

    Anyone play here? I've just jumped on it as a chill/grind type of game. Decent PVP and shit going on there. Wondering if there is a clan on here or anyone interested in starting one?
  13. Damn I've had my Nexus 6p for a minute and kinda itching for something new. This might do it.
  14. Kodak is the new old Gucci (fat belly lean sippin Gucci) New jawn slaps
  15. Want to change my Nexus 6p to a new good Andrioid phone, willing to buy straight cash, budget around 350 Any ideas
  16. Seriously fuck sky! I have been paying them for a service where I was only getting 5% speed of what I should be getting. I'm talking like 1mbs download speed. Called them so many times and all they could say was "sorry it's the area you are in"... But 1mbps though!???!!? Moved to virgin, got the 100mbs for £30 and loving life now.
  17. He was a big part in one of the best eras of rap. Sad times, RIP
  18. Some wavy tracks on this new tape but this is my fave!
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