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  1. Not so popular on here but I suppose someone like yourself can appreciate how this has revolutionised so many types of action filming from sports to nature to security
  2. Skola

    Turn Up Playlist

    thizzle you fucking weirdo.
  3. Skola

    Turn Up Playlist

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD-3HRfA91c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxJdpwaICrE Secret service got the burners if you want get it poppin... Change.
  4. when you try and sidestep a stranger but you both simultaneously step to the same side so you go to step to the opposide side but so do they and its like some weird type of dance for a second
  5. If he left of his own choosing then that is his decision.
  6. something from eskimo dance the other night
  7. driving through addis ababa i see all these people standing around in the street hundreds and hundreds of them i go 'baba what are all thse people hanging about here for?' he says 'thats the queue fo the passport office' they all want a slice of the gulf money. save up them come back and start a business etc
  8. Them sly adverts yeah? / When you step off the plane in a hot country and the air just HITS YOU
  9. Skola


    i suppose eventually when speeds are fast enough you still stream EVERYTHING and download nothing started using office 365 its kinda like that
  10. Skola


    f f s how much faster does consumer internet need to go? i barely even have any legitimate need for the speed i currently have they are saying its only $70/month as well could split it 10 ways and get up to 100meg for $7
  11. yeah thats why eggs >>>> they just fucking pop out EVERY DAY
  12. I can't even do the hangovers anymore, long feeling hungover till Wednesday. The thought of going and feeling that hangover is enough to keep me at a couple a night these days. lol wednesday tho? fuck. but yeah 2 day hangovers are normal now ah the days of teenage drinking where i didnt even get hangovers ffs
  13. Skola


    lol was baffled but yeah i suppose thats gigabit lan
  14. Skola


    4.0 MB/s on a torrent
  15. / he is trying to make a logical point that body weight can fluctuate independantly of body fat but this whole thing comes across a bit too much like him being an exhibitionist and an oppotunity to stroke his ego could you just tell people: - weight yourself at the same time every day and monitor your progress over an extended period of time eg several weeks and save all the topless selfies? maybe.
  16. Skola


    innit saw the video length and 'd
  17. she starts fucking her new manager he finds texts she convinces him they are just friends then shes confesses on VALENTINES DAY and now they all live together wow
  18. lol badman on some i see your two screens i raise you three
  19. yep, in the last 20years we've seen hip-hop become absorbed into pop and electronic music has followed. the result is labels churning out a product that's entirely formulaic and solely designed to be saleable. u could argue mainstream music has been on this path for years tho, almost everything has been 4/4 for decades the internet has also played a big part in making subcultures & local scenes go global... i doubt you could have something like the grime scene of 10yrs ago grow today there's still decent enough popular music out there and good music being made, just don't expect to find it on MTV this look at how dubstep went global / pop
  20. I did 2-3 months I think. When I first went on it I didnt work out for a couple weeks. But after that it was fine. I wasnt very strict so it was more of a generic low carb diet. I'd still have milk in my tea and coffee, maybe a wee piece of chocolate after dinner, basically just no potato, pasta, rice, bread, beans etc. Also had 1 cheat meal per week (pizza and chips). Still managed to loose about 1.5 stone. Off it for a bit and noticing my skins worse and I always feel sleepy after a lunch that includes carbs.
  21. lol had to double check this wasnt an ancient post of mine. exact same routine (smoothie for breakfast)
  22. never really looked into it tbh only really asked my parents about their parents and grandparents this tracing it far back thing...doesnt really interest me for some reason maybe being mixed its like im so different to both sides that its irrelevant
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