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  1. I meant the full reg, so I could take a look at valuation and if of any interest.
  2. It’s cheaper when you pay more upfront, (over the whole term) granted not by much but it definitely ain’t a bump.
  3. Probably pre-facelift and even if you get facelift C-Class its changing model during your lease, Unless you do 4 years on A-Class your staying in the current model for next two-three years.
  4. Depends on your mileage and how much your paying upfront and which model A-Class is currently in overstock.
  5. Edit title to Arsenal 2011/12 However it’s 6 into 4 nowadays...
  6. Leave and get billed, have an idea of cost of damage and argue that point at inspection if you feel it’s too wild but tbh it should be cheapest outside of a private bring in.
  7. Email me, sadly I no longer have time to do everything I wish to do on the internet but my emails take priority.
  8. Where’s my room gone?!
  9. Was always going to happen due to Giroud needing minutes and he defnitely tires. That said, sometimes Wenger has/should've cost us with that sub. Plus I swear Lacazette is one of those that ends seasons on fire.
  10. Wenger's Kill list is getting ticked off quicker than Arya Stark's
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