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  1. Porchee>>> Porch da gwad >>>> I know porcy comes like this guy, with his American swag
  2. Is that you in the vid bunning
  3. Nah he bars are on point he just needs up the video quality, vids looks too budget and better beats 9/10 if your beats are sick people will bandwagon
  4. The chicks choice of footwear is terrible
  5. Yee is just a typical female all about the gossip. They way a convo would be serious then she comes out with a shitty sex joke or some gossip talk, half the time I wish she weren't there but they are times when the other two and chatting shit she does come correct
  6. He's good but its just the way everyone is bandwagoning him, he's just the new rapper for everyone to jump on He come like the akademiks of the rap game If he didn't have such good beats people would not be talking about him as much, just my option anyway
  7. That was trash, kendricks a bars were alright He's just another one of these bandwagon rappers that everyone wants to rate to be in the in crowd. Nothing special about him at all
  8. The bars are on POINT!! I was expecting a next verse when it finished, beat needs a little bit more attention too thou I'm actually feeling it, big song
  9. no i.d on these creps yet? Any Id on these two
  10. lol this thread branch off Stacks you keep up this foolishness ima take away your negro card
  11. I know someone who went to the England game as was in a box with the special one and apparently he was drooling over our andros, levy needs to lock him down anyway
  12. Lmao who neggedThe way my guy was just sitting in the shop with the door locked, you could see his pain, everyone else running in the back
  13. X1 I love my xbox, I will get a P4
  14. She handled it right because that's most probably what happened, bitches think they can have kids join seaworld and everything's bless smh started off with a gold fish ended up with a whale On a side note hate them attention seeking baby mums on facebook who feel they need to put their whole life on it just begging for comments and likes, the girl who has my kids is deffinetly getting schooled on that trying to take yutes life for the front page on the sun
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