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  1. This guy is legit the real deal,once he finds his jumper , gonna be a fucking problem Meanwhile Lonzo over there looking like a sheep, never seen a more timid ball player in my life
  2. This it's legitimately crazy, they expect a man to write and draw 20 full pages in good quality and then ink them it's beyond me. Jump should do what the Koreans do with webtoons where they translate the shit themselves, legitimately most people don't buy manga they have to wait for volumes. Do they not think people will want to read this shit weekly outside of japan
  3. Been saying this Jump did some people dirty some people like Kubo deserved it, but this manga didn't /// R.i.p big mom's crew Oda is fucked
  4. Lol Melo is 40 mins of pointless slow iso plays .
  5. Interesting, he won't lose in the first round of the playoff's , off trade for rockets as they deleted their bench, and harden was pg
  6. Lebron gonna be looking in the changing room real hard Certain man getting traded tomorrow. / Kd>>>>> Man can just hold up the ring to anybody. Played sick all series
  7. Think the cavs have one more in them tbh Not even lebron and Kyrie they been getting shit done it needs to be the rest of the guys stepping up
  8. Nah, we are good, Don't let stats fool you
  9. Don't even wanna say the spurs untill they make some additions, Tbh cavs still the best bet, they replace jr with a legit sg and they are GS level imo but it has to be a Pg or butter level sg
  10. I don't want to admit it but I think this is a sweep, can't even ask for more from lebron and Kyrie Broom time unless lebron or Kyrie goes for something stupid like 60 It's fucked by cause it don't even matter if one or two warriors have a off night, got enough man that can light it up any second However...... We said this at this exact same time last year One can hope
  11. The thing is man's dad's now given legit stars a reason to go at him extra hard too , he can't even defend college man , guys gonna feel like a child when Kyrie and steph call iso plays on him non stop
  12. Fox is better than him, well more ready if they really want to take a Pg for some reason Ball has way more hype but he got massively outplayed by fox when they met alone
  13. The problem is lonzo , he's not even the best player in college, there are 3-4 better players than him in the draft. Lakers drafted a Pg like 2 years ago and even though he's a snake, he's better than ball, Basically all hope on lamelo
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