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  1. The Somalian

    Harvey Weinstein

    Hmmmm As for Star he was sitting on this story for a few months wasn't going to use it, but as soon as he heard about the HBO deal he got in contact with the victim. Star has even started calling himself King Crab and is selling Merch total fuckry.
  2. The Somalian


    No shame If I have a go fund me for my funeral please spit on my grave
  3. The Somalian

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    R.I.P Ricky 27 years ago today. I know he would of made NFL
  4. The Somalian


  5. The Somalian

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    We fluked it to the semis with an easy path Its the same old England nothing's changed crumble against a half decent opponent. Nothing to be proud about can't be celebrating mediocrity that mentality has to change. If Southgate is knighted that would be a fucking joke. It was good to gas ourselves with all the feel good stuff for the past 7 days but deep down we all know we are not really that good. Hopefully the next generation who actually have been winning tournaments can be the real change.
  6. The Somalian

    World Cup Twitter

  7. The Somalian

    Dropping Massa's Surname

    I wanted to do that DNA test on https://www.ancestry.co.uk to see where the nation which predominates the most of my genetic make up and I was thinking of adopting a surname originated in that nation or do it like Don Vito Corleone and take a name from a place in that country. I've done the research on my current surname and its from a German slave trader based in JA
  8. The Somalian


    A World cup final between the two greatest colonisers in the world with the products of their colonisations representing them. Please beat Croatia this needs to happen.
  9. The Somalian

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Do this for Mike Kane Les Bleus
  10. The Somalian


    We do what we want We do what we want We are England We do what we want Get arrested for that would be pathetic its just a little one on one, the boys in blue already got a hard enough job with a certain group of people and their love of knife and gun crime. England till I die I'm England till I die I know I am I'm sure I am I'm England till i die This world cup has made me proud to be English again for the first time since 2010 and that dreadful USA match. Just a shame I have to go to Essex to get a proper English experience of supporting my nation to many people from other shores and poofs have taken over the great city of London. Free Tommy Robinson
  11. The Somalian

    Harvey Weinstein

    Look at the dates of the documents on the video. He just turned 40 so start of June 2001 he was 22 going on 23 clearly above the legal age of drinking, but in the akademiks interview he claimed he was 20 when it happened. He also claimed he only got a few months probation but now it is appearing he got a few years. I doubt this will fuck up his HBO deal as people do not really care about what happens to blacks as long as it can be shrugged under the carpet. Afrika Bambaataa still gets bookings and there were multiple boys who said they were raped by him.
  12. The Somalian

    Harvey Weinstein

    there are inconsistencies in what Charlamagne has said and what is on the court documents
  13. The Somalian

    Harvey Weinstein

    Star is blackballed cant really do anything significant, he claims it's not personal but it is because over the past 18 months Charlamagne has repeatedly brought up his name when there has been no reason to. I think its a bit rich for Char to be going in on Bill Cosby, 69 and R Kelly when he has this in his closet.
  14. The Somalian

    Harvey Weinstein

    Salute to Star finding and identifying these hip hop nonces first was Africa bambarta sp now this wrongen https://youtu.be/aJsHd8isur4