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  1. The last Don, hip hop got their whole mafia set up confused where the boss is out there maintaining his crew, mafia crews workers have to pay the boss to keep their life. I remember his son Michael from that ITV documentry he made millions through that petrol scam on the east coast
  2. All about creating illusions having people believe it then eat from them.
  3. Kodak is talented I would not class him with these guys
  4. 75 minute tribute mix
  5. So the Uk is basically Marlo who wants to go it alone and deal with the rest of the world (the greek) by himself. the eu is prop joe and his co op and these terrorist killing everyone are omar?
  6. Rain tomorrow apparently
  7. sick hustle definitely should level up. but still can't c/s the batty man antics as I feel that stuff was not needed.
  8. Fuck R.I.P sounds like complications of his sickle cell age expectancy is usually around that age for those who have the disease
  9. Tommy 100% inspiration to me. Not for what he says but the way he bossed up and cashed in on people fears. Im been watching him the past few weeks and im thinking of starting a youtube channel what will be very anti muslim and I will try and get paypal donations from people in this current climate I possibly will be able to cash in also.
  10. Akademiks is a fuck bwoi Star responded to him last month.
  11. As the great Paul Mooney says ''You have the complexion for the protection of the collection" Listening to the details can see why he wasn't shot
  12. @Brem Do you believe that the buildings that replace Grenfell should go to people who can afford it as the location is a prime piece of real estate? or it should go to social housing for the down trodden in society What do you say sir?
  13. He personally knew a girl who died in the fire
  14. 2017 ain't no one want to hear no dizzee fuck that nigger and his 2003 flow. We are fucking with stormzy and nines. We don't want to hear some ungrateful squeeky voice nigger try and send for his music father wiley have some respect. Who even wants a dizzee feature in 2017. Just spreading some unwarranted hate.
  15. 100% people usually have empathy for people who look like them. reason why we have french avis after those attacks and do jack shit when it happens in Turkey. we even see it in here to an extent.