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  1. The Somalian

    Top Boy - Ashley Walters & Kano - Channel 4

    Watched the whole thing liked the little twist at the end dont feel the series picks up until episode 5/6
  2. The Somalian

    African Child

  3. The Somalian

    African Child

    Ended up going down a rabbit hole there is a whole group of these guys they are like the avengers With AC being Iron Man
  4. The Somalian

    RIP VIP2: also who came up with ttkk?

  5. Yeah that was weird hearing him mention Logan. Do you listen to Konan's keeping it 100 podcast to? Disco Inferno>>>>>> guy gives me to much jokes plays a heel perfectly
  6. @CurryMan let me know the next event you are going to lets go together I've been eyeing the new japan in august ain't seen you in about a decade let me know
  7. The Somalian

    African Child

    Bro its 2019 you want to carry on 2011 bs troll beg you look at your life and evaluate on a level thought you had grown as a person obviously not. I can see why now certain man refuse to post on here now with the dumb draw outs allow it.
  8. The Somalian

    African Child

    Got through 2 thirds of his dardest interview he is the definition of a waste man.
  9. How are they making all these big deals and the product is absolute dog shit. They have opened up a wrestling school in Edmonton you man should sign up and once you graduate I can be your manager the 2019 version of Slick. Anyone checked out Jim Cornettes review of double or nothing. Found it absolutely hilarious. Also MJF>>>>>> Anyone been watching the dark side of the mat series loving it so far will post up the links later on this evening.
  10. The Somalian

    He should have worn a mask

    Digga D >>>>> the rest
  11. The Somalian

    NBA 2018/2019 Season

    Well done Raptors
  12. The Somalian

    Anyone emigrated to Dubai/UAE?

    You will be good, my god mothers brother moved out there nearly 20 years ago he is blessed. They are always looking for people in my profession and the p is super nice, my mate was telling me to move out there for two years and stack but I dont think I will be able to hack out there. Good Luck
  13. The Somalian

    hiphop Dipset back together?

    Heard the Joe Budden reveiw will check out over the weekend
  14. The Somalian

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    It's deeper than that
  15. The Somalian

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Im on the 5g wave