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  1. The Video Thread part 2

    Fucking hell Monique is the definition of my nightmare 20 minutes in I had to stop watching my head started hurting
  2. Radar Radio

    Jammer was on half caste this you can understand his grips he speaks more in depth about the argue incident. Are Poet and Chuckie gay ? or they just come across that way? serious question not a pot shot
  3. Marvel Super Heroes

    Just watched it I was rooting for Killmonger if your oppressors only know violence that is what you must meet them with. Black Panther is a fucking coon its kl for blacks to be oppressed outside of Wakanda is what I felt his message was.
  4. Battle Rap Topic

    My brother been following battle rap for years but now he has started to compete
  5. Radar Radio

    Yeah ended up watching the full video to see some fuckry but was pleasantly surprised and agree he dropped some gems in there
  6. Radar Radio

    Wtf is happening here
  7. Marvel Super Heroes

  8. Rip Stormin

    I hear that 100% I do allot of Haem Oncology work so I see allot myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma cases some of the shit I see people having to deal with brings tears to my eyes.
  9. Rip Stormin

    R.I.P Good dude met him and smoked with him a few times at urbanfmtv when he had a show on there. Talking about baby mother headaches even told me this story about that film cass part of it was filmed in his mothers house and he switched on the production crew. Thoughts with his family fuck cancer.
  10. Arsenal Fan TV and chill

    Funny you say that my brother came around for the fight last night and a conversation about Arsenal TV occurred. My brother use to be a steward at the Emirates for a few years when it first opened. He was telling me he would see Ty just sitting in the stadium when everyone is gone (players fans everything) they would be getting ready to go home and this guy would always be in the stadium hours after match on a weird one.
  11. General Boxing Thread

    Naseem giving me jokes last night just finished watching the Garcia fight TKO
  12. Players to watch in 2018

    Should be at Liverpool in the summer
  13. Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    I was having loads of issues with sky with the VPN for BT matches it will run as soon as the sky match time would start stream just would not work then it started playing up with my show box. Switched over to talk talk I was reading that you have fewer issues with them. Everything has been blessed thus far
  14. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    @PascalMoriarty @Kuffir Lansky and Shampoo was on Queenz Flip show the other day. Shammy laid him out and now we know why he is always rocking skullys and fitted mans hair line looks like Rogers from American Dad. This guy is also claiming to be Haitian he is blatantly Somalian
  15. NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    This is the man that will get the truth out Why am I reading the tweet in his voice BIG MAN