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  1. Official Betting Thread

    Flipped the £18 to £500 on roulette
  2. Official Betting Thread

    Not really done any betting at all this year won £30 quid thats about it. Put £10 on my bill hill account done a £2 bet leicester and liverpool both teams to score and man city to beat crystal palace with a 4 goal handicap. Looking good so far plus I won £50 on roulette playing the rest of the £8 I had left
  3. IBIZA

    Weed is legal in Spain as in the coffee shops and Ibiza a part of spain so must be done a google http://ibizacannabisclub.com/
  4. Professional Cleaners

    My boy got one of those online cleaning jobs but he got sacked after he tried move to a women in her house when he was supposed to be cleaning it
  5. The Music Video Thread

  6. PC Gaming/General PC topic

    Props my boy said the same thing
  7. Vegan Gang

    I explained on a previous page about my spiritual experience in regards to why I do not eat meat, I am on my own self-fulfilling journey of enlightenment in my life. I do not tell people what they should do in their diet it is up to them to eat what they want to eat I don’t care I am about me. I have had people on both sides telling me what I should and should not be eating. I am doing me and doing what gives me fulfilment in my life.
  8. PC Gaming/General PC topic

    It fails once i install the specific drivers
  9. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Think this is the lane people should do for music is to be a parody character on social media etc and then do music.
  10. Vegan Gang

    My whole veggie thing is a moral thing I am convinced that eating animals is consuming their souls and will effect me in the place I go after I die.
  11. PC Gaming/General PC topic

    computer fucked up had to restore factory settings so I am back on Windows 7, I cant get back onto WIndows 10 so I have to fork out £90 for a new one. My graphics card seems not to be working now when I install it(I had been meaning to buy a new one since may) to loads up but when goes into windows the screen goes black. Is this actually the graphics card or Windows 7 as I have heard Windows 7 is a compromised in regards to bugs. Plus my computer does not shut down at all. I read it is because I have multiple cores or some nonsense. Would it be best for me buy Windows 10 first then look at graphics cards. Seen windows 10 go for £6 on Amazon but I think I am better off just investing in a copy from ebuyers. I want to get ASUS GeForce DUAL-GTX1060--O6G 6 GB Graphics Card worth it? anyone know a better card in the same range I want Nvidea though because I want to be able to stream my PC games to my PS vita through Gforce Experince and moonlight https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IPFN7UQ/ref=psdc_430524031_t2_B01IOWT4DO Been working with my old radeon 7850 which served me well the past 4 years
  12. 2017 Hot Summer

  13. FUTURE

    Was spinning this mix today https://www.mixcloud.com/djmattrichards/future-mix-tweet-djmattrichards/
  14. Vegan Gang

    My 5th month but boy I have decided I miss meat to much think from next month I will be back on meat just hope I still like it
  15. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    I honestly dont know if this is a serious discussion or its just trolling