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  1. Does Pac have working Visa issues? Or dragongate don't want their champ losing?
  2. The Somalian


    Mate I am married with kids so 10000% NO
  3. Vince needs to retire WWE move to funny with these contract issues
  4. The Somalian

    Welcome back

    This place is like a drug it being down was like a detox for allot of man so cant see them coming back.
  5. The Somalian


    Just came back the other day. I had a better time than the in season to much jokes made my own fun. Coming back but with couple of my younger girls next time. Done so much great blow thought I was gonna have a heart attack and of course I kept the Swag on a million percent
  6. The Somalian

    London borough of hackney

    Black people hate each other and they are easy to manipulate you can plant a seed within them, that they will run with and not even realised they are being manipulated.
  7. The Somalian

    African Child

    Guy chats sense when you decypher allot of his real talk from the monkey shit, but he needs to allow the monkey nig nog antics, hopefully he can monetize what he is doing but blacks seem rather to have the attention than the money these days.
  8. The Somalian

    African Child

    My mate introduced me to him the other week. some waste man shit, few of these cockroaches doing d*ckhead shit for clout just following the American ones.
  9. I see that title as a secondary title to the universal. Same way the World Championship was to the WWE a decade back. Came across this interesting video about the black champion few weeks back. The Rock even weighed in the debate, because so many saying he is not black at all now. Black people really need to stop this victim mentality having to be the under dog
  10. The Somalian

    Official Twitter Thread

    Found a page for you to start following @dayomesaydayo https://twitter.com/QuellFcKWhites Here is a lil sample of the great content they make Not even 24 hours back in and I'm back on that Bull Sh*t
  11. The Somalian


    I'll make my own fun
  12. The Somalian


    See I didn't know this. Might have to pop back in September Link to the deals they have for Ibiza this season decent prices https://ezytrip.co.uk/forms/index.php?id=108 shit will open though? I feel like my mate who went Ayia Napa in February I went Benidorm in Feb was more busy than I anticipated so hopefully more of the same
  13. The Somalian


    ^^My bro went in Feb he absolutely loved it. Looking at the pics looked great. He went to a cup match and a mini riot kicked off in the stadium though. He said everything was bless nothing to worry about out there
  14. The Somalian


    Just booked the last week of April. My work come through on some discount deals managed to get it for exactly half the price I paid last year
  15. The Somalian

    hiphop Nipsey Hussle

    Fucking so so so so so so upsetting this man was a true inspiration