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  1. Big up Mike talking about he came to my ends but I was hiding fuck him I am never on avoiding smoke Dont talk that way ever is my issue
  2. This dude is walking around with a child that is not his (DNA) ultimate sucker CONFIRMED
  3. Can't get my head around NFT's I have been investing in Launchpads https://occam.fi/ and https://www.cardstarter.io/ should explode once goguen is released on Cardano. Just waiting on Solstarter public IDO to get start atm. https://solstarter.medium.com/placing-the-community-first-solstarter-design-journal-15711db746fa
  4. 🤣Guy worked miracles 19 goals at home all season 💩
  5. I would not trust Jack Dorsey after what he done to Noah Glass https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2451506/Jack-Dorsey-iced-Twitter-founder-Noah-Glass-stands-make-IPO-secretary.html https://www.theverge.com/2013/10/14/4837296/jack-dorsey-denies-pushing-out-twitter-co-founder-noah-glass
  6. Missing out Jim Cornette and Keeping it 100 are my podcast
  7. What these tech companies are doing is very dangerous with banning Trump and removing Parler. They can literally dictate elections and war. They are to powerful. An alternative needs to be made.
  8. The current situation is beyond pathetic
  9. We should of kept Wenger TBH
  10. fuck you nigger domt die that way
  11. The Somalian


    He is a disgrace. Blaming my people for his woes. So glad to see my Jewish brothers and sisters coming together with the swift response to shut him down.
  12. I agree cant wish death on a man
  13. heard black the ripper died I dont bad he smoked allot weakens your body this is horrible this virus is on some thanos ting
  14. been in my house 10 days im going mad
  15. What do you expect the guy just buns weed and begs guinness all the time
  16. Found this absolutely hilarious
  17. LOL I w ant to take on doogz been about 9 years since the last. I love Wiley war guy
  18. Wiley lost but its still fuck stormzy and everything he reps
  19. Such a sick riddim The best but to road everyone gonna end up dead or in jail
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