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  1. New 3 Series is out in March isn't it?
  2. Pattern Deep it Big facts You know like that
  3. YFSD

    Nipsey Hussle

    Yeah definitely for me
  4. The roles are super pronounced Joe makes it clear he's the alpha, talks about himself in third person, talks about sacking rory etc Mal the cool guy that Joe looks to for approval who sits there thinking this fucking guy about joe but can't call him out Rory ultimate sideman that gets ignored and punked, often the butt of the joke but needs Joe to survive Very weird when you watch it for what it is
  5. YFSD

    Work & Life

    LMAO What next you can't say merci instead of thank you
  6. No idea I wasn't listening back then
  7. So basically his going to discuss same thing twice a week with two separate groups one being his boys and the other a put together group Long
  8. What happened to Rory and Mal in all this?
  9. When you see anyone mention drip or sauce just know this is it
  10. Same reason you watch wrestling This is real life hollyoaks for some people
  11. Can't remember who it was either but Dana paid up
  12. Singing like Drake on Marvin's room Guy I knew from college brings a gun in my car pmsl
  13. YFSD


    Going to Antalya next Weds if anyone has any recommendations?
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