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  1. BREXIT - June 23rd

    100% Agree this country has been dumb as hell with their system. But I think it can be argued that the EU's suicidal tendencies actually helped push Brexit through for us. Look at the state of Germany and Sweden due to their migration policy, and the fact they have the cheek to try and sue Hungary and Poland because they don't want the same disasters in their nations. The EU are trying to force their demise.
  2. BREXIT - June 23rd

    / Or on an easier note, I've been around here long enough, I don't fit the mould of most the admins, branch out, mod me and the Neg General can see for himself? Sounds like a great idea.
  3. BREXIT - June 23rd

    Whoa dry your eyes mate can you not read lol... I said I seen you and the other two names hovering in here for ages whilst my alerts were popping so asked did you wanna answer. And for your question it was because I think your a little bitch who goes round looking to disagree and neg me regardless and I'm 100% not above doing the same, seemingly the type of bitch that possibly asks Admins to message me and ask me could I not do that or else they would have to remove my abilities . I did have a suggestion, like make it visible who is in disagreement/agreement which they are frightened to do, or mod me, or ban me
  4. BREXIT - June 23rd

    You fucking crack me up mate, swear down. Genuinely loving your replies. I wish you had some kinda platform where the whole of the UK could listen to you speak as part of the remain camp. True asset to Brexit.
  5. BREXIT - June 23rd

    This guy PMSL. Toying with him, avoided answering the question direct like it was the plague, and I knew he knew why, because he's trying to excuse their deals by throwing insults around about how shit the UK is and painting some fantasy picture about the EU companies having no interest in doing business with us, because yea, why would they wanna deal with one of the largest Economies in the world.
  6. BREXIT - June 23rd

    @Zizouz @QPR Dee @Heero Yuy I see you man hovering whilst my neg alerts go wild lol. Any of you wanna give him a hand and answer that one?
  7. BREXIT - June 23rd

    Even tagged you.... But there, remind yourself, it's on the previous page, it's at the top of this page and now it's the latest post. Go ahead.
  8. BREXIT - June 23rd

    I do remember what I asked. I asked you if India and China have to accept free movement of people, EU law residing over them and pay a fee into the EU to trade....... Now that's 3 fucking times and still you seem to be dodging it. Let's try a 4th time shall we?
  9. BREXIT - June 23rd

  10. BREXIT - June 23rd

    Yea you actually didn't answer my question at all then. Why wouldn't I want Free Trade? I'm not against Free Trade, I don't think anyone who voted Brexit is against Free Trade. They were against being under EU Rule, Freedom of movement and paying large sums of money to get prop up other countries and getting less back. So I have absolutely no fucking idea where you tried to go with that argument... Some proper damp squib effort. Now... back to my original question, what you saying about that? And yes I do think that German companies will worry about us. Businesses like to sell their products and make money, simple as that. And the EU will have to make each country upgrade their input of money into the Union, which won't please them. Why do you think they have playing hard ball and trying to squeeze us for cash if they don't care?
  11. The ting goes.......... (Las Vegas Edition)

    Oh yea imagine the shock that panelists are sat analyzing a mans history who has no clear motive and just murdered nearly 60 people. True I wonder why they don't sit and do the same when trying to figure out a motivation for the next man who's screamed his religious chants and has a back catalog of terrorist links and propaganda available to the feds. Yea..... just can't for the life of me work that one out.
  12. BREXIT - June 23rd

    Asked you a question mate, I'm certain you didn't miss it. Any chance of a reply.
  13. BREXIT - June 23rd

    And here comes Venom the remainer trying to throw insults about and sound smart in order to save face for his precious. Nobody ever said it would take 1 week so first of all stop talking shit and lying in your post mate, thanks. Secondly Merkel might not lose sleep, but German companies will hence them being told to prep for a hard Brexit, you might notice that if you bother reading the news mate. You can compare it to a relationship between a man and woman ( which it isn't ) but recognize that legally it has been said we don't owe the EU a penny when we officially leave in 2019. But if you wanna sit and bitch about who owes what and assets well little old UK against 26 countries, pumping in over 500 billion over the years, I'd bet like others we would due a nice little payout for our assets if that is the case. Not that we've asked for anything I don't think, and offered to pay them money during a transition deal, which they have refused because they want to milk us for everything they can get. Ain't no man gonna sit around and let some gold digger of a wife try rinse him for everything he owns. And dunces like you would support them because you're a globalist moron.

  15. BREXIT - June 23rd

    @Admin. Which one?