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  1. Been banging the latest MW every night, good game. Warzone Free to everyone as well.
  2. This. I've been hearing some wild stories. Like a photo of Jonbenet Ramsay with someone in the background who looked similar to Ghislaine, and she supposedly uses the same Lawfirm as Jonbenets family did, one of the images of Iran clearing up their crash site with a bulldozer from the same firm that photoshopped pictures of Ghislaine. Some people have a lot of time on their hands to be finding these links.
  3. Have to resurface this old topic. With the Epstein scandal going on has anyone seen people trying to connect the EFits released back in the day with the Podesta brothers and Ghislain Maxwell?Reaching maybe but kinda weird.
  4. They claim the evidence is strong but yet they are not willing to go through with to the senate yet until they can find more evidence? It's extremely hard to take the Democrats and their quest to act like they wish to uphold any laws serious after the fiasco of the fake Russian collusion and their willingness to turn a complete blind eye to Clintons email scandal.
  5. Doubt he is going anywhere, this is playing out as expected. Democrats control the house and were always going to Impeach out of spite, 3 of them did however vote no. All Republicans voted against and they control the Senate, so it should be a short celebration for some. Dems claim they had enough evidence to Impeach him yet Pelosi is saying they are going to delay sending any Impeachment Articles to the Senate until they build up more evidence to delay any acquittal. She is unhinged.
  6. Haven't read or thought about it to be honest. Too busy being amused by the mauling the remain backers got in the election. Priorities and all that.
  7. Need a miracle at this point. So many people in that party to dislike and struggling to think of anyone who could appeal to a majority. Probably get David Milliband running back soon.
  8. Inspired loads to vote Conservative.
  9. Exit Polls have the Conservatives down as a majority of 86.
  10. Whatever you say Dub, your original reply is there and that's all that needs to be said. Moving on....
  11. Gambino

    Shenmue III

    Got mine this morning. Had to hold the case up in my hands and just look at it wondering if it was all real.
  12. Gambino

    Shenmue III

    Already been some gameplay footage on YouTube. Looks just like the originals really. Slight concern that there is an embargo on reviews until 2 days after it's released though.
  13. Why does me enlightening the forum to a fact have to mean I am defending the Tories? Isn't it better people know the real story rather than just thinking some guy bottled an Interview with Kay Burley? You seemed to have bought into the false narrative from Sky yourself with your reply above to it. Ain't really about which side you take, just the reality of things.
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