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  1. I think you'll find when Harvard did research Fox was 48/50 with regarding it's neutrality to POTUS. CNN was 93% Negative, FAKE NEWS! Can try pass this off to Fox all you want but the reality is it's CNN people caught on camera exposing themselves, you just can't bring yourself to deal with the truth so bring another network into it.
  2. Boy CNN being exposed for what all of us already knew, FAKE news. Got everyone who visits to talk shit about Trump like
  3. PS+ Free games for July - Game of Thrones and Until Dawn
  4. Not even bait mate. It's absolute fucking comedy that a man like QPR can sit here and complain about the Good Friday Agreement like he gives a single fuck about the Irish lmao.
  5. The way you man keep talking about May like she should just budge over and let Corbyn take over........ She still got way more votes than him, the Nation don't want him. lol @ You Londoners giving an ounce of a fuck about the good friday agreement or republicans. Just pining over being losers YET AGAIN.
  6. I'm not saying they should. I'm being sarcastic and saying all you idiots who claim that May is evil and bargaining with peoples lives whilst acting like the EU are somehow better need to shut up and pipe down. I've not even heard any negatives from EU citizens yet, they seem unsure what is happening but happy with Mays proposal, it's the EU who are not happy because they wish to keep their little mitts in control. If EU Citizens do not want to live under British Laws, then it's quite simple, go the fuck home.......
  7. Becomes a very valid argument when some numpties are running around demonizing the British Government and claiming we are bargaining with peoples lives and should be giving guarantees regardless, well how the fuck is that they see the British as the bad party but are not willing to call out the EU for the same issue? You can't have one rule for one and for the other. Well the fact the UK had put it on the table now and the EU are huffing and puffing and still not too happy with the deal what does that tell you genius?
  8. It was regardless.. I'm sure Labour would seek rights for British people living overseas but they would of already put their bargaining powers down the shitter by pledging a guarantee that EU Citizens could stay before any negotiations had happened.... If the EU said no to the British staying ( Which I don't think they would ) do you then expect Labour to go back on their pledge for EU Citizens rights out of favour and respect for their own British people overseas?
  9. Starting to get very hyped for Season Seven now. I wanna see a lot more of the White Walkers and the Night's King.
  10. Nar I'm talking about the other John Doe who said he asked me 3 times on the previous page.
  11. LOL Jesus christ........ Imagine this Corbyn hasn't been invited to negotiate yet, but Corbyn being the nice guy that he is without even talking to the EU has told the world EU Citizens can stay in the UK REGARDLESS........ Corbyn is guaranteeing their rights, Corbyn hasn't spoke to the EU about British rights, because Corbyn doesn't care at this point. So when he reaches the negotiations and the EU say nar mate sorry, British people just gots to fo.. Corbyn is like oh ok then... Well, that's fine, I already guaranteed EU people they can stay in Britain so it is what it is, Brits will just have to come home. Theresa May has gone to meet the EU and said to them hey...... I'm a nice person too, I wanna guarantee the rights of those EU Citizens to stay, they can stay, BUT, I'm representing the British people and you have to guarantee my people the right to stay in the EU also, and THEN we can make a deal on that subject.
  12. So wait........ You are quoting something which 100% backs up the point I have made, and you are still arguing I am wrong, whilst putting up a quote that backs me lol.......... Lad.. Forget it, Stupid Class just became very relevant round here.
  13. Ahh fuck even arguing that. Just clearly pointed out it ain't the same and you are still saying it is. I'm baffled how May offering something for something in return is the same as Corbyn offering something with nothing in return... But whatever..... Moving on.