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  1. Shenmue III

    It was a divisive game when it came out to be honest. Not sure whether it will hold up 19 years later for someone new to it. Was groundbreaking when it came out. If you're a button bashing gamer that doesn't like to go deep or take time then you might not like it, if you like immersive games and getting lost in the story then it's good.
  2. Shenmue III

    Copping on PS4. £23
  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    Agreed. Second half of this season has been good.
  4. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    Couple of fun looking games for Aprils PS Plus lineup. Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo.
  5. Deportation Soliciters

    The pic? TTKK
  6. Deportation Soliciters

    I'm happy to step in and masquerade for anyones deportation case.
  7. Call of Duty WW2

    Surprised how negative you man feel about it. I had zero interest in COD for the past few years, this one is great. They just dropped the old Shipment map from Call of Duty 4 on this last night as well.
  8. Call of Duty WW2

    Trying to kill the Leprechaun on this is jokes.
  9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Finally watched this. Honestly it wasn't as bad I was expecting, enjoyed it. Thought it was a lot better than Force Awakens.
  10. Netflix

    This looks decent.
  11. President Donald Trump Thread

    Mad what can be achieved with a real leader in the hot seat. Major diplomatic win for Trump if all goes well with discussions.
  12. President Donald Trump Thread

    North Korea Is Willing to Discuss Giving Up Nuclear Weapons, South Says https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/06/world/asia/north-korea-south-nuclear-weapons.html
  13. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    PS+ No longer giving free Vita and PS3 games after March 8th. Bloodborne + Ratchet and Clank are the free PS4 Titles also in March.
  14. Call of Duty WW2

    Think the maps are good on it.