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  1. Oh wow, sounds like fun. I'm quite jealous that you're going to SanFran-I was meant to go in June. Add me on fb cos I hardly use this anymore.

  2. Oh that's good. Is it in the same field as what you were doing before? Don't worry I haven't been on msn in such a long time.

  3. I've posted about my neighbour's before. I get along with most of them but the one's upstairs are neighbours from hell. They're loud, they've been doing DIY for 13 years, the son's crazy and is always running up and down banging the floor, they're always fighting, flooding the place etc... They used to throw food out of the window, which would then land on our plants so my mum would sweep it up post it through their letter box so that's stopped now, but they're still noisy. There was a guy a few doors away whose dog used to sh*t by my mums plants. She mailed that to him and that stopped. The old guy 2 doors down used to let his dog piss infront of our flat. My mum caught him letting the dog do it and she sorted that one out as well. My neighbour on the right is a pig. She' so filthy, it's unreal. she'll leave her bin outside-open for days walking past it 3 times a day and not put it in the bin hut. She's just nasty. The area infront of her house is a tip and when I walk past her open door it looks like something from 'filth files'. Also, how can her dog look like a pig? The poor thing's always crying. The joys of living in a flat.
  4. graduated, interned, still working in retail part time and I've given up on looking for a job and now I just make clothes for people and do a bit of styling on the side. You?

  5. I've been alright, breathing and stuff... how have you been?

  6. Oh that sounds alright, I might set it up again.

  7. You know what? I set up the profile then deleted it cos I didn't know what use it was going to be to me. Is it any good?

  8. This business plan is giving me a headache. I know I've got to treat it like my baby and take my time with it but I want it done asap. If I'm at my current job this time next year I'll be so disappointed with myself.
  9. Pos^^ Finished my internship on Thursday. No job opportunities came by but they've told me to keep in touch. I've left there with enough contacts for when I start up my own line and someone there has put me in touch with someone who works @ Nicole Farhi if I want to do an internship there. I've been asked to make a couple of wedding dresses as well so that should keep me busy till mid-summer.
  10. LMAO, I was really ill one summer and I could hear Baby laughing and screaming at me.
  11. Wisconsin in June for a wedding, but my friend will be in San Francisco then L.A around that time, so if I have enough money and can get the time off I'll join her. July I'm meant to be going to Virginia to visit family.
  12. Ella

    Mothers Day

    I got really short paid so I could just about get her a card (thank God for Card Factory) and did her nails for her.
  13. i can't quote on my phone but yeah i'm sure i've typed something similar before, it's always happening.//Lol @ David
  14. I really don't need to be reminded that I'm the only singleton in our circle. For my friends birthday she's invited everyone's boyfriends along (why she thinks raving with the boyfriends will be a good idea is beyond me) and I'm not feeling being the third wheel (or in this case, the ninth wheel). Plus, I'm working 6days a week, I've tried to work through a Saturday after a night out. It doesn't work for me.
  15. imo only for jollof and when its slightly brown not proper burntThis.
  16. Ella

    Take Me Out

    I'm still laughing at the girl who thought it was her "Did I get it? Did I get it?"
  17. I get this sometimes or like a car's gonna come out of no where and hit me/somethings going to fall on top of my head.
  18. ^^ Thisiswhyyourfat.com? or something like that // It actually makes me feel hungry
  19. My mum normally fasts till a certain time not just during lent, but also around other times during the year (or when she's going through difficult times). I've fasted for several days, but I haven't done it during Lent. If I had put more thought into it I would probably fast through lent. I do have to stop swearing. I don't do it that much tbh (mainly when I'm driving) but it's not very ladylike, so I'll work on that through Lent.
  20. If anyone's looking for a little retail job for this september and you're willing to go to Stratford then you might want to start applying now. Topshop have already started recruiting for their Westfield Stratford store.
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