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  1. Learning To Code

    Yea GraphQL looks sick. Wish I could use it but my current place is on some dinasour shit.
  2. The Video Thread part 2

    fak put some warning on that shit fak
  3. FIFA 18

    Demo feels decent. Might cop this year
  4. Week 03 - 17/18 Premier League

    Bolivia beat Chile South American qualifiers are mad
  5. Week 03 - 17/18 Premier League

    Arias is so fucking shit
  6. Learning To Code

    In what sort of context are you having to work with APIs? It can be confusing to understand what an API is/does because it can serve a different purpose depending on the context. When you make a post on this forum you're making a request to VIP2's server using an API which is expecting the request, and then handled by the browser. An API can also be provided by a third party company like Smaddy's example which allows you to give external functionality to your users without having to leave your own website. For example, using Spotify's API to allow people to search for music. In the examples above, API's are basically just URL's which allow you to perform some action on a server. In a different context, Javascript frameworks such as React provide an API to allow users to use the framework. These are just public objects/methods, that allow users to carry out some action.
  7. Learning To Code

    Loving the progress guys. I would say when it comes to github, don't be scared to have everything on there. The greener your activity graph is, the better you look. Also devs and people that hire devs are usually understanding. No one expects you to write perfect, beautiful code from the start.
  8. Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend

    So we've seen man whinin grannies, midgets, men in drag. What else? Really is 2017 out here.
  9. Bitcoin

    Goes without saying, but again never leave your coins anywhere other than your personal wallet just realised btc-e is gorn and so are a lot of litecoins I was too lazy to remove or care about grr
  10. Week 03 - 17/18 Premier League

    Yea utter garbage tbh Slav getting sacked today
  11. Game Of Thrones

    Them hackers haven't got any eps to leak
  12. Game Of Thrones

    B aleady dead yo But yea agree some parts were preditable but still amazing fucking episode. Need bran to do some shit How's veserion going to fly? Looked like he was fucked on one side. The fuck is Arya up to? That annoyed me. She was meant to be smarter than that. I'm hoping it's all tomfoolery somehow and she's playing everyone, specially little finger. Just don't see how.
  13. Bitcoin

    1 btc = £3300
  14. Vegan Gang

    Haha Yea I don't think the parents are blameless tbh. Some of these kids get taken back to morley's for dinner after having it for lunch.
  15. Vegan Gang

    The diet working class school kids are subjected to in this country is nothing short of criminal.