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  1. it's hard to say, fully depends on the company. I've had 20 minute chats for both perm and contract roles and full on coding tests with exhaustive interviews for others.
  2. @Grafter - It would be financially good to go straight into contracting but it might be less stressful and easier to get a permenant role. End of the day contractors are 'experts' in their field. If I was you I'd bang out a few personal projects and then tell recruiters you're looking for a mid level role.
  3. Mad RIP
  4. Bro you are so lost. You keep exposing how short sighted and ignorant you are to the many social issues in this country. Do some research mate. Social mobility is something which can be measured and has been. Britain has seriously underperformed in this area even by the estimates of government friendly institutions. I'm happy that you managed to get your life on track. But I hope for you and your kids' sake you broaden your horizons, open your eyes and realise what goes on in this country mate. I can just about understand when the yuppies come out talking about Sri Lankan and Indian kids when discussing things like social mobility in the UK and the western world. But when someone who is supposedly fairly switched on and from the ends does it, it's almost beyond belief. Well done for donating 'significant' sums to charities though. All is not lost. I personally do my bit by volunteering at the school I went to, teaching kids how to code, as well as donating what I can afford to a few causes I believe in. eg. Helping kids out of school and college land their first job and plan a career. I often meet with some of them and try to inspire them with what I've achieved. Being a FIFA don ain't easy fam.
  5. Do a quick Google search and humble yourself. Man said he thinks you know. 'You don't have a fucking clue what's going on... ...your eyes are glued the fuck shut...'
  6. Great Britain has one of the worst social mobility rates in the western world you numpty
  7. 'I'm humble and a nice person in real life' lost yout
  8. The aims are to stop the absolute greed which has lead to this happening. Fucking murder you know. Of what may turn out to be hundreds of people. As a result of the fucking greed stinking up the entire governance of this country. From top to bottom. And numpties like you start making 65k and think they're above their families, their neighbours and their community. Proper numpty.
  9. Blem you're a numpty mate You are washed. Them ones where an older brother or someone needs to sit you down and show you what's what proper numpty.
  10. for real but it is fun and super interesting
  11. Done a lot of research today Ethereum is definitely getting copped What websites do people use for price alerts?
  12. This needs to happen.
  13. Thanks for that. Confirms some of what I was thinking. It's kind of why I asked if Bitcoin isn't a safer investment. It's got a lot of issues right now but at the same time it's actually being used for stuff. A lot of stuff. Ethereum does look really intetesting though. I just fear greed may have killed it before it even had a chance to succeed. Just remembered I have a few litecoins, I'd forgotten about. I might buy some ether with it in the next couple of weeks depending on how each moves.
  14. What would you say the cons are atm?
  15. Do you not think Ethereum is a higher risk investment than bitcoin?