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  1. Fuck we had so much jokes. The controversy. The camaraderie. I reckon at peak engagement we could've all literally been in some physical setting and behaved like an actual family. In 2012-2013? Mad. Super interesting, and one of the things in life I feel truly run its proper course. PS - The nikka got me licked
  2. Fuckin ell Goliath. Memories mate. Wham for FACE_OFF!? Hope you and the rest of the avengers are doing well mate.. Mad how internet characters can leave a significant mark on your life Everyone that was here from the beginning. You were part of history. The first examples of primitive digital communities organically coming together, with true ownership and leadership. Big up your chess!
  3. The harder the machine keeps trying to brainwash me with its lies, the more hope I have. But still. It's a big ask.
  4. You can sign up to a bootcamp. There are many in London. Most have 2 models: Pay 5 to 15k and that's that (they usually have finance and split payment options) Do it for free but they get 20% of your pay for a year or something If you want to do it the free way you usually have to be interviewed to get enrolled and have to demonstrate some sort of initial commitment to wanting to become a dev / Another way to get into the industry is by joining a company as a QA. If you're remotely computer savvy and really interested in the industry you could learn everything you need to in less than a month. Fake 1.5 years experience as a QA somewhere else and walk into a 30-45k a year job and learn to code once you're in. You may decide to stay a QA and learn automation. Or move on to the many other jobs that exist within development teams. Shout me if you need any help with any of the above @macz - always happy to help an OG
  5. First load can sometimes be an issue but moves okay after that for me
  6. Is Dame tryna say he a victim in all of this too
  7. Anyone ever done a multi day water fast? Going to be doing my first one in a couple of weeks Aiming for 3 day water fast 4th day natural fruit juice 5th day solid fruits
  8. I have an opinion, I wouldn't say it's strong You're probably right tbh. Maybe I am sounding a bit like a duche Enjoy your sasauge roll. Vegan or otherwise. It doesn't really matter anyway. We're all fucked.
  9. If you think so To me it comes like the people that stop smoking weed and start drinking alcohol everyday
  10. Everything wrong with that sausage roll is also wrong with anything vegan you're eating that isn't deliciously fresh and natural.
  11. And if you're not looking to eat nutritious, good for you food. Why have you decided to not eat sausages? I care about animals. I care about the environment. But in order to that I have to care about myself too. And therefore
  12. are you lot being serious? What part of that sausage roll do you think is nurtritious/good for you?
  13. Could've put this in the video thread Will machines eventually turn on us thread But I think it makes more sense here for now Fascinating.
  14. People that go vegan and start eating even worse things for them <<<<<<
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