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  1. I'll never forget my first five minutes in NYC Stepped out of grand central station See an Asian taxi driver chasing a black dude screaming all kinds of mad shit No one battered an eyelid Different world
  2. Looking for this as well 24 month lease What'd you guys reckon price should be?
  3. You're probably taking the piss and this has been posted before But thanks for providing the opportunity to share again https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-i-went-from-programming-with-a-feature-phone-to-working-for-an-mit-startup-40ca3be4fa0f
  4. Going through a mad bbw phase right now I've always been a fan but honestly. Its bad. If she's not big I don't wanna know.
  5. Lol you really think it's an individual?
  6. Sat at my desk waiting to go for lunch And that'll be it till new years eve I reckon
  7. Theresa can control it from downing st tbh. Man get killed in ME by drones controlled from Nevada desert everyday
  8. I kind of get what Badman is getting at Technology, nationalism, global warming... None of us have any fucking idea what's going to happen 5 , 20, 50 years from now. And its all within our lifetime. Of course no one has ever been able to predict the future. But 500, 200, years ago, that sort of time frame hardly meant any sort of significant changes to people's way of life. It all mostly remained the same. The internet is 30 years old. Its impact on how governments are elected is unquestionable. Imagine trying to explain that to people in the early 90s. The iPhone is 10 years old. You can buy a helmet that controls shit with your mind right now for 300 quid. We're at some mad crossroads right now. That's for sure. Thank you capitalism.
  9. I voted remain bro (In the actual referendum) We might as well just do away with democracy in any shape or form if we're going to start saying elections won on the back of lies or 'small' margins don't count. It makes no sense.
  10. It was one of the biggest turnouts for any election since the war. Leave won. We can't undo that. As much as I hate the result. We just can't undo it.
  11. Winning a vote of no confidence and a general election are 2 different things If they table a motion of no confidence and it's not backed by MPs across then it doesn't really matter what the polls say / I love Jezza but I don't know how he would be able to fix this mess. He's always been a europsceptic. In other topics, he can navigate the lack of support from the centre right MPs in his party because the Labour membership is backing it. But not when it comes to Europe. It's mad.
  12. Nick Clegg really fucked them and us over
  13. Probably the only vote she can win Crafty
  14. Mr. Martinez


    Google owns a lot of shit. This is a silly thing to say. Eg: https://www.calicolabs.com
  15. What kind of responsibilities you talking about @Grafter
  16. Ain't those things supposed to be really bad for your teeth in the long run?
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