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  1. This topic has detailed in a similar fashion to when I was discussing with some colleagues last night. Quite interesting. This guy started talking about household incomes and how our incomes compared to the rest of the UK population. I had a feeling it was crazy but was still very surprised: https://www.ifs.org.uk/tools_and_resources/where_do_you_fit_in
  2. I swear I can hear his crusty accent from here
  3. Video touched me ngl Gofundme is here https://www.gofundme.com/jamal-from-huddersfield-bullied-at-school 100 bags boy I hope there's no tomfoolery going on and his family gets it all.
  4. Remember rolling to WHSmiths after school to read bare magazines with the crewsdem There would be dozens of people stood in the isles reading for ages. Different era boy.
  5. I was on his Wikipedia on Sat thinking rah man is 95. Guy will live forever.
  6. Most prob just moved in to the new bachelor pad overlooking the river Understandable.
  7. If we're talking ghetto supermarkets Who remembers netto
  8. Shuuuuut my doooooor How can them man be feds though. The incompetence is disturbing.
  9. Couldnt agree more. Just to reiterate this point. I've experienced proper fucked discrimination before based on my background and have seen others fall victim to it too. But since I've worked in the technology industry for 5, 6 years. I've never seen it. It's always been about how smart you are and how good you are at your job. Regardless of what you loook like. Sound like. Dress like. Etc etc. None of that shit matters in the development world.
  10. That's not really what I'm talking about nor surprising. I'm talking about the role class plays when these decisions are made in the context of big corporations with diversity quotas to fill.
  11. What study are you referring to brah? I disagree. I have only anecdotal evidence to look to If I'm honest, but from what ive seen a black middle class person is the dream for big corporates wanting to fill senior management and even board positions. I'd say that a black middle class person in some instances may even be preferred to a white middle class person who is equally qualified.
  12. Do you man think class trumps this sort of thing more than race in England?
  13. The fidelity bit is fascinating Reminds me of black tip sharks and pilot fish https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot_fish Saw it in action snorkelling in the Philippines. Amazing shit.
  14. MCs ruin any rave Get off stage with your shit overly recycled lyrics and let me hear the music ffs
  15. Tbh your rants on here had me thinking you were on your way to greatness bro. But you're about to be a 30 year old intern. I hope it works out for you. Crime defo ain't the way anyhow. If you do want to share what your goals are and where you want to be once you graduate. People on here can help. Stop being so angry and stupid though. Good luck chap.
  16. Pmsl The cheek of this guy Go get a job you bum
  17. Russell group uni, studying what bro? What year you in? Swear you been at uni for about 5 years now la
  18. Smartest people I've ever dealt with have been Easter European and African. Romanian and eastern european guys have literally owned the technology sector in the last 5-10 years. Nigerian guys not far behind. You lot are too busy judging your bredrins. No idea what's going on in the real world outside of your silly Instagram bubbles.
  19. Sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn't But you can't be angry at man for trying. More so, you have to be dead inside to not sympathise with the character when he was in that train station with his son. I was bawling fam
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