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  1. You know of any gangs that fight over the supply of alcohol or tobacco?
  2. Fam you're calling mestizo women, who have European blood as a result of literal and every other kind of rape, white. Fuck you been smoking bro? I
  3. Her face literally represents the beginning european colonialism you stupid moron. That's my point.
  4. The bubbles are blown in the air, they fly so high and then they reach the sky chap West ham twisted the knife when he was at Chelsea too
  5. Anyone here read sapiens? The way it touches on this topic was very interesting. Here's a bit...
  6. In still a bit sore about the dumb losses. Still doing small accumulation bits on BTC every other month though. I think most people are hoping well have another run from December to Feb like last year. I'm not so sure.
  7. Smoking that amount of baccy with no filter is not to be underestimated. Horrible stuff.
  8. Yea maybe When i dont smoke during the week my sleeping pattern is very on point though. Get to sleep quick. Wake up fresh. I've known about ASMR from when I was super young, obviously without knowing what it was called. I find intentional asmr videos quite cringe though. Zero triggers. Learning and artists are the biggest triggers for me. When I'm being taught something I find super interesting by an engaging teacher the triggers are dumb.
  9. Also bed time spliff is the biggest myth going Smoke a spliff before bed and you just lay there thinking about bare dumb shit
  10. Get some excersise and a good dinner chap.
  11. Jokes how everyone's just acceptef that transgender people are all peados
  12. I rate both posters when it comes to certain topics but this slyly comes back to what badman was saying. Avatars typing all sorts of wickedness and almost creepy/stalkerish madnes to man who are real people. If you're going to get on that level. You need to be a real person too. Otherwise just keep it moving. Zero ratings for that.
  13. The full events haven't been revealed and what you heard on them voice notes aren't facts.
  14. Not sure if serious. But I would bet it's more likely that people are in self preservation mode. Most people in that that industry are vultures. They ain't trying to risk their guest list to the next event for being seen as taking sides. Hmmm maybe we're saying the same thing.
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