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  1. The legality of drugs has no bearing on their availability in this country. Alcohol is the most harmful drug there is. There is no logical argument for continuing with the war on drugs. Literally none.
  2. Awesome man. Thanks for sharing. Love it when man break through.
  3. Props bro. Would be cool if you posted how you got to this point to inspire/help others.
  4. 'Police hate criminals cos grafters are shagging their wives' Is going to be headline
  5. I imagine they're going for https://www.caughtoffside.com/2018/06/19/video-why-all-but-one-portugal-player-celebrated-with-cristiano-ronaldo-after-free-kick-vs-spain/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. 3 pens. 2 headers. 1 accidental goal. I swear that's it?
  7. Massively overachieved 1 shot all game Harry's golden boot reel though
  8. Belgium vs England for 3rd place would be a sick game
  9. Every call man's made has been a disaster Sir Porchy Da Gawd beg you stop backing SA teams la
  10. Hahahha Vladamir sorted it for all the European dons What a lad
  11. No reaction. No reaction. Deserves it. Even in Brazil he's mocked for it.
  12. Vladamir was not letting that one run
  13. Legit thought this during the game / Best player in the world would've scored at least 1 of the 2 half chances Messi had.
  14. Brought a tear to my eye Colombia >>>
  15. So much shit. So much waffle. Fuck your lives mate. Long.
  16. With Belgium and England left to play.. Who's been the best team so far?
  17. Odds on Spain to win at half time were dumb. Fml
  18. Mr. Martinez


    The laffy taffy scene is surely up there.
  19. Newham is still a dust bowl Certain parts have got worse
  20. Nice one. Have been to a few at WeWork before. Will try make that one.
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