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  1. RIP Reyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTigYvKAapE
  2. 8BALL

    Game Of Thrones

    Bran the Broken, FFS.
  3. 8BALL

    Cats vs dogs

    Cats >>> They give absolutely no fucks.
  4. Wilder by late KO / Fury on points. Come on Fury.
  5. 8BALL


    Going St Lucia this week. Anyone been? Looking for recommendations on things to do/see/eat. TIA
  6. One of my mates got a date at the Old Bailey due to a number on this list. Geezer will probably die in pen.
  7. TRUMP >>> Greatest President since FDR.
  8. Kid looks quality, hopefully not another Wilfried Zaha.
  9. London vs Liverpool in Saudi Arabia.
  10. 8BALL


    No one talk about Braintax when UKHH is mentioned nah?
  11. 8BALL


    Was there a few weeks back. If you're gonna go to the Aff man, ask them for the hash. Nice beach smoke.
  12. 8BALL

    Northolt madness

    Got a mate who lives on that road further up. Told me it's the middle aged bloke with four rottweilers. Looks normal, seen him walking his dogs couple times. Doubt he'd start a fire with them around.
  13. Who plays on Xbox? Add my tag - Elevate187
  14. Thank fuck we signed Elneny. Could be our most important signing in a while. Haven't seen him play but he already keeps Flamini, Arteta, Gibbs from getting mins...
  15. Gibbs needs to fuck off... Makes me sick watching him come on as sub Brainless c*nt.
  16. Went overboard, but to be fair to Barry he put in a peach of a cross.
  17. Who's been watching Ultimate Fighter? Final was supposed to be Saul vs Lobov Saul lied on his Visa application so is out of the final. Pmsl McGregors boy Lobov is a serious puncher Final tomorrow.
  18. Campbell over Ox easily for me. Ox can't stay fit, loses the ball too much, lack of end product...
  19. Hoping for a Whyte win Expecting the opposite
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