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  1. Yeah just scanned it, ends 10th March apparently. Safe
  2. 8BALL


    Got one, Every morning oats + protein + blueberries + bannana Quick easy breakfast. Nutribullet >
  3. 8BALL

    FIFA 15

    Also copped a mill. Bought the new inform Santi Cazorla, Yaya Toure + Courtois. Any other recommended for PL? Got Hazard, Aguero, Sanchez et al.
  4. 8BALL

    The Hobbit

    Thought it was an decent film tbh Whole movie is one giant fightscene
  5. Stambouli Spurs always build a decent squad, just to fuck up the base by signing these dead unknowns.
  6. Old tune but been banging this recently 9th Wonder on the remix > > > >
  7. Think your referring to Rockers.
  8. Terrible performance, so a point at Anfield isn't bad in the overall scheme of things. Not even arsed to complain about how bad we are.
  9. Made the mistake of going Jamies Italian at my hotel in Dubai in the summer. Terrible restaurant.
  10. How many goals overs were you doing?
  11. Mind what you say about Townsend Chelsea legend
  12. What do Liverpool need to qualify? Point or 3?
  13. Why the f*ck isn't Rosicky starting? Wenger needs a 'How to rotate for Dummies' book for Xmas. Also allow bringing back Debuchy for this game.
  14. Never. Was shocked, even if it is a nothing game.
  15. Stoke ending us This fucking commentator keeps calling Bojan "Boyan"
  16. I recollect you saying you are going to win the league unbeaten. Unlux. Greatest achievement in PL history.
  17. Why would Maureen sell us Cech and not Ba? Not happening
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