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  1. Driving a 14 plate focus at the mo for a little while. Car is piss easy to drive, good fuel economy too.
  2. Going to check out the Ming China exhibition on @ the British Museum if you happen to give.
  3. Pmsl Seen some mad games myself late night betting in them Argentinian or Mexican leagues. Entertaining to watch.
  4. The confusion around the ticks is long standing. People often believe one tick means 'delivered', and two ticks means 'read'. However, one tick actually means 'sent', and two means 'delivered', not read. The double blue ticks would mean 'read'. / Fuck Mark Zuckerberg.
  5. FAM! Why have they done this??
  6. Got these from Dam Prefer them over rizzla, raws etc
  7. AlieEaling is some dead ends in far West. Yes it does have affluent parts, but who cares, it's in the middle of nowhere. Since when was West London the middle of nowhere?
  8. Went Barbados 2 years ago brought back bout 5 bottles of the stuff. Rum cake from Barbados aswell >>>>>>>
  9. Yesterday was calm, today is blitz.
  10. Props should be a 20pager.
  11. Common practice is big soundsystems/dj's do not pay for dubplates. Key word being big, i.e. Rodigan
  12. Mertesacker was shocking last night Koscielny masks a lot of his problems
  13. Put £50 on Arsenal before the game Fucking hell that was tough viewing Terrible performance
  14. Anyone got the Sony Xperia Z3? Need an upgrade, going to leave tmobile and jump on o2.
  15. Leasing = finance. Rich people lease because they can afford the payments, don't want the hassle of having to sell a car which has considerably dropped in price once you get bored of it, the ability to get a brand new car every 2/3 years... etc For me the biggest advantage of leasing is you don't actually ever own the car. Think of it like having a phone contract in which you give the phone back after a few years and just get another contract with the latest handset...
  16. 8BALL

    FIFA 15

    Opened my first 10 packs on Fifa proper Packed Don Balo and Reus Sold Reus for a cool 150k
  17. Approx 3k deposit Three years deal £350p/m E class coupe AMG 350d Brother jus copped this, delivery in December. Don't know about the E63, will obv be more, but this is still a solid E class.
  18. For 350 p/m you can get a brand new E Class amg Fuck an A3 saloon (even though they're nice)
  19. Will pick this up if it's circa £30
  20. Yet 19 year old Sterling is tired a couple months into the season smh.
  21. 8BALL

    FIFA 15

    Not using real money in UT is long but worth it once you build up a good squad Spending P on packs is a mug thing imo Won about 5/7 seasons in UT so far, got a semi-decent prem team so far Most expensive player i've got is Koscielny cost about 15k Still beasting vs. people with 100k+ teams
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