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  1. Black Mirror [Sunday 9pm C4]

    Ah yeh, spotted that. Apparently there's loads of references - I noticed only that and the bathtub.
  2. Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Yeah train to busan was good ^ Binged on 'Dark' this week - decent sci-fi. It's conceptually a mash of several films but don't want to give anything away by mentioning. Last few eps required a lot of concentration although left with too many questions at the final ep.
  3. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    About 23 euros towards end of 2013 It's got lost amongst redecoration - my parents messed with notes/paper stacks and haven't been able to find it since. v. painful... ffs
  4. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    just over 20 enough to be pissed but not enough to get hung up over... yet anyway.
  5. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Lost my offline litecoin wallet passphrase
  6. Stranger Things

    Ep 7 had me questioning whether I enjoyed the whole season. Ultimately, I did, but yeah it was terrible, misplaced and irrelevant.
  7. Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Enjoyed Mindhunter. Really feeling shows that avoid the conventional/predictable nuances in plots and dialogue (i.e. it's nicely original).
  8. Learning To Code

    Thanks for resources, will dig in this eve. In the context of banking - so yeah exposure of data and also read/write APIs like payment initiation. If I read through basic specifications of those that expose data, I broadly get it but am tasked with how to improve them, for example by building in filtering/search functionality to avoid speed issues in returning bulk data, or say adding nearby search requests for locator APIs. I'm having to read existing proved APIs like Mastercard to pull out what they've got but not quite fully understanding it. I'll check out Stripe though and compare across providers as think that's the faster route then attending courses/starting from scratch in learning languages, at least for time being. Might watch some tutorials.
  9. Learning To Code

    Sorry I've not read this thread but anyone know what are the stepping stones to working with APIs? Currently assigned to API work from business side and feeling to do some side courses to support ongoing technical grasp, but no idea where to begin.
  10. Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Big little lies is a decent tv drama Can't stand Shailene Woodley. Overused and same broken character in every movie.
  11. Now Playing

  12. Official Cooking Thread

    One of the few dishes in which I enjoy lentils Eat meat once or twice a week these days but the dullness in the lack of variety in meals is creeping on me now. Need to set time aside to explore more recipes.
  13. Marvel Super Heroes

    Legion >>> The production is so fucking great
  14. Homeland

    last one was ridiculous smh throughout
  15. Official OFWGKTA Thread

    Don't know if this got a mention anywhere but Syd's album is a great listen