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  1. Big up to everyone who copped!
  2. YOYO.... what I can remember of it. Was wild. Blacking out is a fail though, I can't remember the most important part of the night.. the performance lol.
  3. Absinthe, champagne and Tequila. What the f*ck was I thinking.
  4. www.soundcloud.com/shyonebeats
  5. 5 years of being faceless, I had a good run
  6. Appreciated guys, hope you enjoy it
  7. The Decaffeinated Love EP

  8. Out Nowhttp://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/decaffeinated-love-ep/id418555531http://boomkat.com/downloads/385415-shy-one-decaffeinated-love-ephttp://www.hmvdigital.com/artist/shy-one/decaffeinated-love-ephttp://www.7digital.com/artists/shy-one/decaffeinated-love-ep/http://download.breakbeat.co.uk/lpsepsartists/shyone/decaffeinatedloveep.aspxhttp://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/decaffeinated_love_ephttp://www.whatpeopleplay.com/?redirect=%2Falbumdetails%2Fnull%2Fid%2F36981http://www.zero-inch.com/artist/Shy_One/ep/Decaffeinated_Love_EP/227142?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zero-inch%2Fnew-releases+%28zero%27%27+%2F%2F+New+Releases%29http://www.junodownload.com/products/decaffeinated-love-ep/1713747-02/http://boomkat.com/downloads/385415-shy-one-decaffeinated-love-ep
  9. Thanks guysyeh gonna be a digital release, possibly with limited vinyl copies
  10. Clip from my first release coming out next year on DVA Music
  11. Realest of talk if I see you at that rave I have to buy you a drink.
  12. "So many times seems that i'm, going round and round in circles, out my mind. Can't find reality through all this haze, cant find the right words, to my next phrase. but i, feel so confused, confused that i'm not sure, needing something more, decative but pure, will you be my whore. i will call you master, we'll get through this much faster" Comes in 53:00 on the Lighter B2B Kumfy Til' 2 set.
  13. Tracklist is so necessary. Massive set, been rinsing this for a week straight.
  14. Even I had to come back for this one.
  15. Baroness.


    this is the B Side to Joker's Digidesign tuneyeh it's cool i edited lol.
  16. Anyone know the track ID for the tune that has the vocal sample that goes "If you want, If you want, If you want, If you want, If you want, If you want .." ?
  17. On 22nd Scratcha had a big Xmas Special show from 8am - 7pm. Ladies special show Ft. Katy B, Natalie May, Kele Le Roc, Cleo Soul, Nadia Sulliman, Janee, Angie B, Myself (Shy One), Lady Lykez, Queen of Sheeba, Jay Diamond, Fatima, Akatriel, Amy Bullman and Ikonika.Most of them are House artists so here are the links for the relevant podcasts.Part 7 Shy One + Lady LykezPart 8 IkonikaHere's the link for all parts of the show: http://rinse.fm/index.php/podcasts/podcasts221209http://rinse.fm/index.php/podcasts/podcasts221209Don't watch the lack of /sh*t mixing on my set and the f*ck ups, was about showcasing the beats.http://www.myspace.com/shyonebeatshttp://www.myspace.com/lykezmusichttp://www.myspace.com/Ikonika
  18. Good morning, good night. It's all the same thing.Some long day.Hatfield to South Harrow, then to Camden for 'Bad Intentions' then back to South Harrow, then to Queensbury for first bus back to Hatfield, packing my bags to go back up to London.I don't even miss sleeping tbh.
  19. tbh I can't really pay attention to whatever they're chatting cos i'm so distracted by Pabs
  20. Baroness.


    Good romance film suggestions?Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind levels pref
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