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  1. Agent31

    FIFA 19

    I picked this up. I'm down for clubs
  2. Tottenham hale retail park went through a lot of changes. I remember it had comet to the right of lidil and another electronic store with a green sort of logo to the right. Use to go in there and play the ps2/Dreamcast games on display while my mum shopped in lidil lol then she would come grab me. Also not supermarkets but Sega park in wood green which used to be opposite sainsburys them days which got turned to matalan. Mum used to give me spare change and she would shop in sainsburys while I played marvel v campcom 2, them motorbike games and house of dead. Also trocadero. And NYC in wood green. Is it still there? Lol. Bought evisu jeans from there one time
  3. can anyone re upload all volumes of funky favourites? Thanks.
  4. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    Lol yeah That npc invasion against the guy with the ultra greatsword is something else Kills you in one hit
  5. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    lol was trying to look for that girl in the window to return her mothers broche. I did run back and get my 1mil souls off stream
  6. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    nah enemies stay the same just have more HP and deal more damage. / Forgot how hype the father g theme was
  7. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    A bit longer than before. Got confused with the zone so I'm wandering around for a bit.
  8. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    the nameless king, proper cryptic on how you get to his zone. You can get to him as soon as you get that dragon pose gesture after beating oceiros. If you started a NG+ you missed it already lol
  9. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    Yeah and that combo he does, instant death. Don't forget the hidden boss / Part 1 of the bloodborne stream, finished it at the first boss. Tried varying weapons so I wouldn't 1 shot everything. Should I continue uploading more? I'll end each stream at a boss.
  10. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    Finally got the platinum on bloodborne. Need to finish it three times to get the 3 different ending trophies. Will try stream in the next few days on NG4. Hopefully enemies put up a fight my character is a bit op lol.
  11. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    You need to equip a shield some deaths from trash mobs could have easily been avoided, That boot to the face by Gundyr lol, ain't got left you nearly finished the game but there is a hidden boss which many claim to be the hardest Making me want to stream some bloodborne
  12. Agent31

    Dark Souls II

    The obligatory spin after you beat a boss. Its a Soulsborne tradition lol GG You looking to purchase the DLC or got it already?
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