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  1. Adotbiz

    Game Of Thrones

    S8 has butchered the show!!
  2. Adotbiz

    John Wick

    Just watching the second one now, just never got round to watching it!!
  3. Was hyped and had good reviews but I thought was very average, read up that loads of actors, turned down roles in this film, from watching it I can understand why
  4. Adotbiz


    Yeah I was going to wait till on sky Atlantic to watch it but doesn't come on till July times... But year I'm up to 3rd episode, good so far. Ending of last season was a madness
  5. Stan Lee passed away aged 95. RIP
  6. As long as Daredevil & Punisher are left alone it's all good
  7. Was going to start season 2, isit even worth it now?
  8. Adotbiz

    FIFA 19

    Thanks man I'll order tonight
  9. Adotbiz

    FIFA 19

    Is shopto reliable?
  10. Adotbiz

    Celeb bb

    Rodrigo been kicked out
  11. No width at all, it's all through the middle ??
  12. Wolves have done some good business this summer
  13. I haven't got Twitter, what the site to sign up?
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