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  1. Lost her battle with Cancer. More of an 80's Kids and preceeding Era to appreciate her but the Eclectic 90's Kids will know her too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R9hwGOObqs
  2. carpedeum

    Green Tea

    Theres different types of green tea some are bitter others arent. The only setback with green tea is it stains your teeth
  3. Morals and culture depends on the people though. all your definitions may not apply in other cultures. however, theres no need to even bring up the discussion of culture at all. These guys live here and were fully aware of the laws Using their culture as an excuse by both the accusers and defenders is just race baiting. i find it as annoying as Trident and anything else that appears to be given some racial undertone to it. When in reality its a general problem
  4. this guy, as he usually does sums it up nicely
  5. this is rare, and falls in line with the norm. if you havent noticed, the reason for the topic being created is that its outside of the norm when it comes to black men
  6. if anyone doesnt see the correlation between black youth who are 'lost' and get involved in all sorts of crime thats tagged as a 'community' crime and the disintegration of black families and relationships theres no point getting into it tbh. everything is interlinked.
  7. i dont completely agree that you need to be in a roid den to get the body you want. But its true that you dont need a super fancy gym to get big either. Generally i like to change Gyms once a year, but i agree that to get to bigger goals you may need a bigger / more serious gym Gyms of quality in the UK on par with the gyms in the US are rare. partly bcos of the country size and the attitude to sport/bodybuilding. i would say The uni i did my masters has a better gym than anything ive seen in the UK, even my cousin' state university gym is better, and this includes all the UK chain gyms. The only comparison is the Reebok gym in canary wharf You can be serious about training and train in Fitness first, or your leisure centre. but it also depends on what goals you want to attain. ive never been one to want just pure mass with no definition and then claim im 'bulking' through out the year which ive seen in bodybuilding gyms. The you'll be looking at what some of the Bbers are pushing not taking into consideration the sh*t they're also injecting/snorting before they arrived that day. i joined a friend at Fitness first last month for a few days and their heaviest dumbbells are 50kg, which is below what i use. i could take him from his current 40kg to 50kg in about 3 months..then he would need a new gym with heavier weights.
  8. you dont need to do them everyday as they're a muscle that needs rest like any other. but that video is 10 minutes of immense ab training, really good
  9. my sister had it when she was young, they got taken out
  10. at this very minute im reading this, theres an ad on TV for save the children children who are really Dying Tonsillitis?
  11. i think people were reasonable enough to separate Boris from the conservative party hence him winning. Ken's speech was so cringeworthy, just concede and bugger off. Labour wouldnt have just won like that if they put anyone against Boris. i reckon its Ken's clout and to his credit that he was able to come so close to winning They would have had to put someone with superstar status to beat boris. The only person i can think of would've been Alan Sugar, or who's that MP for Tottenham?
  12. The evils of society. 1m on a advertising campaign or give away 1m to those that come in for the first time and let them spread the word... What do you think is gonna really get more blood donated or create bigger awareness? then 1m for a campaign to get people off using harmful drugs another 1m to pay people who turn to crime and violence 1m to get people to stop drinking alcohol excessively 1m to pay young girls to stop getting pregnant the list is endless. or a campaign at grass roots level by someone from the community concerned that could bring an awareness to them while getting a name for himself/herself for such a good cause at the same time rather than waiting for some celebrity initiate such a campaign and get all the credit. bcos the minute that 1m payment ceases it will revert back to how it was within months
  13. money shouldn't be used as an incentive, awareness is all that's needed. its insulting to think that it takes money to make people consider giving blood that could save their friends or relatives lives.
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