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  1. Tino u a reach player wats ut GT
  2. original pein

    Forza 4

    wat for halo anniversary or forza why the fuck am i in italy missing out
  3. y the melee system messed up over powered, shot 3 bullets n punch yeh. if so.......... FAIL..............
  4. ahhhhh sweet loving it! loving it! well reachin uk ina bit i'll be waiting for this arrival wen does it drop
  5. waaaaaaaaat!!!!! epic about time doe but tbh i cant be asked to bo spending p's 4 certain things like lovefilms but loveing all the free stuff their offering nice one microsoft
  6. init lool man just bounces off the floor from a shotgun bullet, but not as funny as those bodies tht literally skid across the whole map :D but tht gun is broken man, part shotgun part sniper wtf with a silencer n acog with some major recoil^)
  7. try the cowon mp3s there pretty good tbh
  8. this is y ppl wont buy bf3 game is just broken
  9. Thats how it should be Gun on gun your done Exactly proper shooting full on accuracy
  10. what with the dmr , can u proper spam ur shots
  11. halo must be shit now anyone played it since the 4th Oct
  12. most probably med tht was the only good thing about blops
  13. Was that a bouncing Betty? DO NOT WANT Its a mine, thats how some activate IRL lool wow thts how u know whst the games gonna be like every last kill was by a fuckin sniper lool
  14. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh most longest annoying game of my life medic never playing tht seriously again if ppl want help they wud have to do all the hard parts n solo parts aswell
  15. wooooooo halo thread back in use can't wait to get my box back show jeffah n dj bmc the levels
  16. i swear it's just another whatsapp
  17. LOOL at them games seeing dan or touch with no caps just 1 defend (no team effort, for a team based game) uno man shud slap themselves for tht sh*t still
  18. agreed game is hard worth ur money
  19. plus wat good apps should i get that is and not in app world
  20. unlk gayle man just got himself a hacked up BB 9700(with NO sim) BUUUUUTTTTTT have free calls, free text, free internet, free BBM booooooooooooooooyyyyyyy cant mess and only cost £100
  21. who actually jumps on this game other than the shotgun fams, BMC and septik cause i don't see no one cause u might aswell add me
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