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  1. The King

    The Video Thread part 2

    Fucking scumbags
  2. The King

    BREXIT - 29 March 2019

    Raab gone
  3. The amount of goal we concede where Matic has lost his man or not tracked a runner from midfield
  4. The King

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Other thank Usyk this was a standard SS1 card a few years ago so many fucking mugs paying for these ppvs
  5. The King

    mufc Alexis Sanchez 7

    @Em Dott it’s behind The Times paywall
  6. The King

    mufc Alexis Sanchez 7

  7. The King

    Is this John Doe ?

    This hoe made a fool out of herself
  8. The King

    live Week 11 - 18/19 Premier League & CL MD4

    Sick free kick
  9. The King

    Football Leaks V2

    The amount of Man City fans thinking this is all made up is mad
  10. The King

    live Week 11 - 18/19 Premier League & CL MD4

    Matic is so horrible to watch
  11. The King

    Managerial Merry Go Round

    Gazidis had it all worked out chief scout now wenger
  12. The King

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    Yeah I use the ontargetiptv private account via dms
  13. The King

    mcfc Kevin De Bruyne

    It’s cool. Pep got them Barcelona doctors on him