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  1. The King

    England Euro 2020

    Think the side will be pretty much identical in 2 years. Gareth has his faves. 2022 maybe different though
  2. The King

    Quarter Finals

  3. The King

    Quarter Finals

    Rakitic been ice both shootouts
  4. The King

    Quarter Finals

    Mad lucky
  5. The King

    Quarter Finals

    What a shit peno
  6. The King

    Avoid having babies in Cheshire!

  7. The King

    Round of Last 16

    Sick pen
  8. The King

    Summer 2018

  9. The King

    Round of Last 16

    Death threats round 2 incoming
  10. The King

    Round of Last 16

    ❤️ Pens
  11. The King

    Round of Last 16

    Classic let the best player take the pen not the best pen taker
  12. The King

    Round of Last 16

    Think there is a new rule where last man doesn’t get a red
  13. The King

    Round of Last 16

    Pmsl ddg. / aspas no emotion
  14. The King

    General Boxing Thread

  15. The King

    Round of Last 16

    This Portuguese coach is destined for a heart attack